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First of all, what is a poll.   In summary, a poll is essentially a survey of the public or a sampling of public opinion to acquire information about a particular subject.  Polls can be taken either online or offline.  The Fashion Industry Polls term that I am creating (the one you are reading at this moment) is in reference to the method of taking polls online.  These online poles are the place where votes are cast and registered

In regard to Fashion Industry Polls, the polls are in regard to issues that are relevant to the fashion industry.  This can be a very broad spectrum which may include clothing, style, beauty products, modeling, fashion photography, trends, issues relevant to stylists, etc.  Anything regarding apparel, fabrics, and textile fibers, would also fall into the bucket.  

According to Apparel Search, we feel that their is a fine line between Fashion Industry Polls and Fashion Polls intended for consumers.  In our minds, a fashion poll would always be relevant to the "fashion industry".  However, a "fashion industry poll", may not always be relevant for a consumer. 

For example, a poll titled "What is your favorite shoe color?" may be of interest to both consumers as well as shoe companies (fashion companies).  However, a poll titled "What is the most difficult aspect of starting a fashion company?", may be only relevant to a fashion industry professional.
Below are a few examples of topics that we have used to create fashion industry polls as an example.
What is the most difficult aspect of starting a fashion company?
1- Creating Unique Designs
2- Getting Financing to Start Your Business
3- Finding Buyers for Your Product
4- Getting Your Ideas Organized
5- Taking The Financial Risk
6- Getting Off Your Butt and Getting Started
7 - Other

 Try this fashion industry poll : What is the most difficult aspect of starting a fashion company?
What is the most important aspect when selecting a Clothing Factory?
1- Quality of Garments 
2- Dependability / Loyalty
3- Pricing
4- Production Lead Time (How fast they can produce the order)
5- Country of Origin
6- Number of Employees
7 - References
8 - All of the above
9 - Other

 Try this fashion industry poll : What is the most important aspect when selecting a Clothing Factory?
How would you describe the majority of fashion buyers you have worked with? (this questions is for sales people).
1- The majority of fashion buyers are knowledgeable and kind (pleasure to work with)
2- The majority of fashion buyers would not recognize style if it fell on their heads (ignorant buyers)
3- The majority of fashion buyers are pompous jerks (rude because they are in position of power)
4- The majority of fashion buyers are bi-polar.  One day they are great to work with and the next they are a pain in the neck and have no regard for logic.
5- Never met a fashion buyer that I did not like.
6- Never met a fashion buyer that I did like.
7- Other

 Try this fashion industry poll : How would you describe the majority of fashion buyers?

Creating fashion polls are fun as well as educational.  Developing polls regarding fashion is a good way to take the pulse of the current trends, hot topics, fit assessment, and more. 

Uses of Fashion Industry Polls:

Polls can be used for educational purposes.  This sort of online polling can be used as a research tool for clothing and footwear companies.  Learn more about fashion industry education and more specifically fashion industry polls used for research.  Additional uses of fashion polls include, viral fashion industry marketing.

Here are a few online poll development services:

Many of the major fashion websites will occasionally add polls to their websites.  Some companies will develop their own systems for polling and others may use existing systems such as Poll Daddy, Bravenet, or others.  Below are a few available resources.  If you have others to suggest, let us know.

Poll Daddy: Polldaddy is brought to you by the same great company behind Your data is safe in the hands of their 24/7 technical team. Every day they are trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to conduct their surveys, polls, and quizzes. With full support for WordPress and other publishing platforms it couldn't be easier.  Here is an example, of what can be done in regard to fashion at WordPress (you can create fashion blogs, fashion polls, etc.)

Bravenet Polls : Web Polls or surveys make your site more interesting and can provide vital information.  They provide customizable poll box, restricted voting, real time results, randomized polls, simple maintenance, and more. (Try these website tools)

Micropoll: they aim to deliver the most advanced features that the online polling market demands while maintaining a balance between flexibility and ease-of-use. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority and their software constantly improves by taking customer feedback to heart.

Here are a few examples of fashion or textile industry polls:

What is your favorite textile fiber for clothing?

Do you prefer natural fibers or man-made fibers?

Should you wear white before Memorial Day?

ML5511 - Fashion Industry Polls

Do you think that reviewing fashion polls has an influence on future fashion relevant decisions?

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