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Question: What is the top fashion school? 

Answer: Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to this question.  It is too subjective to determine the absolute top fashion school.  In fact, even a list of top fashion schools would be subjective.

Question: Would the "top fashion school" mean the same thing as the "best fashion school"?

Answer: In my opinion the answer is yes.  Therefore, it would be a very good idea for you to check the the best fashion schools page.


Stating that an individual school or group of fashion schools are better then others is purely subjective.  Who is qualified to claim that they know which school is the absolute best?  Personally, I have not attend every fashion school nor visited every school.  More importantly, I have not interviewed every professor from each school....  Therefore, it is not possible for me to accurately determine which fashion school is at the top of the list.

As with any other educational program, the students experience and learning activities will depend greatly on the teachers (professors) that they are assigned.  If a student has an excellent professor, they will receive an excellent fashion education.  It is very possible for an extremely talented teacher to be working at a training facility or school that would not normally be considered a top fashion school.  This is something to be thought about when selecting a school.
Anyway, the reality is that "Top Five Lists" , "Top Ten Lists", "Top 50 Lists", etc. are subjective.  And in my opinion, not always very valid.  They are a good source to "begin" your research, but certainly should not be the sole factor when selecting a fashion school.  When reading an article titled "Top Fashion Schools", please read them with an open mind.  They are most likely written with good intentions, but you truly must use the list as your starting point.  Do not use the list as a fashion school bible.
Is a fashion school in Italy better than a fashion school in New York or a fashion school in Los Angeles?  I will leave this for you to decide.

On the internet you can find several "top fashion school" articles.  Compare the lists... If they all detail the same schools, you will have a good head start in finding some very good schools.  You can then meet with advisors and determine which of the fashion schools is "best for YOU".

Written by ML at Apparel Search April 2009

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Note: If you are searching for the best fashion schools, you may also want to try the search term "Top Fashion Schools".  You may find some good lists using both "best fashion schools" and "top fashion schools".

Work hard and do your research.  You will find the leading fashion schools.  Then you will be faced with the difficult task of deciding which university or college is best for you.

By the way, you should think about whether or not you should attend school full time or part time.

Learn about fashion school financial aid.

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