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Textile Industry Articles: you can read additional textile industry articles here at the Apparel Search website.  In this section you will find news articles regarding fabrics and fibers as well as other issues relevant to the textile industry.

Education has much to do with "learning".  While you are doing your research, you may want to learn a bit more about machine learning for the fashion industry.

Eli Whitney: Biography of the inventor of the cotton gin.

Do you work in the fashion industry or textile industry?  If yes, you are welcome to discuss education topics relevant to these industries at the Fashion Industry Network.

fashion directory  Chemistry and Technology of fabric Preparation and Finishing: Monograph written for students of the textile industry, dealing with the chemistry and technologies of yarn and fabric dyeing and finishing. Author: Dr. Charles Tomasino.

fashion directory  fiber Online Journal (University of Delaware): Developed by researchers at the University of Delaware, fiber stands for the "Fashion International Business Education Response" project. It is funded by the U.S. Department of EducationThe fiber journal's mission is to showcase fashion and apparel markets around the globe, share the insights of leaders in the industry and the latest academic research on critical issues, highlight opportunities for further education, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, connecting members of our community around the globe.

fashion directory  Impact of Molecular Nanotechnology on the Textile Industry: Lecture on the future impact of nanotechnology on material properties and performance, and design and manufacturing processes in the textile fabrics industry. Author: David R. Forrest.

fashion directory  Improving Computer Control of Batch Dyeing Operations: Presentation of novel control algorithms, and specific simulation and experimental results for fuzzy logic and adaptive control systems in textile dye houses. Authors: Brent Smith and Jun Lu. PDF document.  Dye Applications Research Group, N.C.S.U. Raleigh, NC

fashion directory  Membrane Technology in Textile Operations: Technical paper about the development and introduction of membrane separation technology for the removal of colors and chemicals from textile wet process wastewater. From Koch Membrane Systems. Author: Douglas L. Woerner. PDF document.

fashion directory  Novel Reactive Red Dyes: Technical paper about an investigation of dyes with two monochlorotriazine or with two monochlorotriazine and two vinylsulphone reactive groups, to establish a possible enhancement of the dyeability of cotton fabrics. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: E. Matyjas and E. Rybicki. PDF document.

fashion directory  Pollution Prevention Studies in the Textile Wet Processing Industry: Investigation of pollution prevention opportunities in the textile wet processing industry, through extensive audits at a commercial laundry, yarn processing, dyeing and finishing plants, and a cotton dyeing and finishing plant. Authors: Ilse Hendrix and Gregory Boardman. PDF document.

fashion directory  Preliminary Industry Characterization: fabric Printing, Coating and Dyeing (July 1998): Draft paper of the US Environmental Protection Agency about the development of national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for the textile fabric printing, coating and dyeing industries. PDF document.

fashion directory  Sanforized & Sanfor Company: Detailed description of the trademarked, computer controlled compressive shrinkage technology for textile fabrics. Shrinkage standards and guide to labeling. Summary of licensee agreement.

fashion directory  Surfactants - A Primer: Discussion paper about the behavior of common types of surface active agents used in textile wet processing. PDF document.

fashion directory  Textile Structure Guide: Instruction guide for the identification of the various structures and manufacturing technologies of woven and knitted, and nonwoven fabrics, created for students of the University of Minnesota's College of Human Ecology. Concise technical descriptions. Animated presentations of seven different weave patterns.

fashion directory  Wicking and Wetting in Textiles: Presentation of wicking model allowing a functional dependence of suction height on the parameters of fiber bundles to be expressed in analytical form, and based on the simplified description of the thread structure. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: Jakub Wiener and Petra Dejlova. PDF document.

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