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fashion directory  Avantex (Europe): Avantex is the first innovation- and networking forum for the entire textile value chain from the research laboratory to the retail outlet. It is a platform for the launching of new products as well as for the presentation of products in the market sector of textiles.

fashion directory  COGEM International Cogem International is a well-established Canadian company founded in 1972, specializing in services to and research for large retailers as well as manufacturers.  Cogem organizes events on a regular basis for large International retailers.  Cogem International is based in Montreal (Canada), and has permanent personel in Paris (France), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Shanghai (China).  Address: 1155 Ren-L vesque Boulevard West, Suite 2420 Montreal, Quebec, Canada  J5Z 4J6 Phone:  +1 514 954 00 33 Fax: +1 514 954 00 77  E-mail:

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