Shower Slippers

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If you are planning on taking a shower in a public facility, we strongly suggest you wear shower slippers.  The concept being that you want to keep your feet off of a nasty wet floor that is shared by tons of other feet.  Who knows where those other feet have been?  Maybe they don't even use soap when they wash...

Keep your toes, sole & heel safe from the germs & bacteria that are lurking in public showers.

What are shower slippers?

Shower slippers are essentially "slippers that can be worn in the shower".  Yes, any type of slipper could technically be worn in the shower, but these are intended to not get destroyed from getting wet.  Look for fast drying materials.  You will also want to wear footwear that grips to a wet surface to help reduce the possibility of slipping.

Hygiene is an important consideration.  Hygiene is a series of practices performed to preserve health. Proper foot hygiene helps protect from bacterial infections.  It is a good idea to protect yourself against foot fungus, warts, etc.  Wearing footwear is a good practice.

Shower slippers can have drainage holes which help with the quick drying.

Shower Shoes Drainage Holes

Look for non-slip shower slippers when you are doing your shopping.

When to wear shower slippers?

We suggest you wear slippers when showering at college, camp ground facilities, prison, and any other public shower facility.

When you are done, be sure to keep your wet slippers in a proper location to adequately dry.

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Where to buy shower slippers?

Shop for Shower Slippers - Amazon.

Shower Slippers

Whether you’re headed to a dorm room this fall, on a camping trip this summer or anywhere in between, you likely need a pair of shower slippers.

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Bathroom shoes, slippers & sandals are all great ideas.