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If you want the short answer, “a sample sale is when a fashion designer sells their samples to the general public”.  For a more detailed answer, you can read below.

What are samples sales?  To answer that question, let’s first figure out the meaning of “samples” and the meaning of “sales”.

Samples are products that are produced for various reasons.  They are used during the manufacturing process to show “examples” of clothing, fabric, or trimming.  A sample can be a small part or small quantity intended to show what item will look like.  A product sample can be used by a buyer to review or try a product before committing to a purchase.  For example, a women’s t-shirt buyer may wish to obtain one sample of a t-shirt so that they can review the color, hand feel and fit of the tee before purchasing 10,000 of them.  The clothing, footwear, or accessory samples can be used as part of the pre-production process.  Learn about fit samples.

Generally, samples are made so that a fashion designer can actually see a garment that they wish to produce for retailers.  They need to review samples (small quantities) before proceeding to producing larger quantities of the product.  For example, if a designer has a concept drawn up on paper.  They will want to review the design as an actual garment to make sure the sewing construction, fabric drape, color selection, and other components of the design maintain a satisfactory appearance.  They certainly don’t want to product hundreds or thousands of them and then later find out there is an element of the design that did not translate well from the original illustration concept.

OK, you hopefully know have a general understanding of what a sample is used for in the apparel industry.

Let’s move on to the concept of a sale.  This is a rather simple concept that you most likely already full understand.  In summary, “sales” are ways for product owners to sell merchandise at a discounted price.  Often used by clothing retailers to sell off excess inventory.

Sample sales are when clothing companies sell off the samples that they produced during the year or over a coarse of several years.  It is a great way for fashion designers, manufacturers, and wholesalers to clean out their office and show rooms of excess clutter.  Businesses that work in the garment industry are continuously developing new product.  Some of which becomes successful in the market place and much of which is simply experimental.  In summary, designers often have more garments laying around their office than they know what to do with.  In an effort to re-coupe some of the expense for making the samples they may offer the product up for sale to consumers.  This can be done in the form of a sample sale.  Basically, a sample sale is when clothing companies sell their samples.

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