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Testing Lab Clothing

fashion directory  RTI International: protective clothing testing.  RTI offers extensive and unique capabilities to support aerosol challenge research and testing of chemical protective fabrics and ensembles.  Some of their testing includes, full-scale aerosol challenge tests of military and first responder protective garments are performed in RTI's wind tunnel aerosol exposure facility. The open-jet recirculating wind tunnel contains a 7-ft diameter, 40-hp vane-axial fan centrally located in a 28-ft x 50-ft sealed room. Wind speeds up to 40 mph may be achieved within the 6-ft diameter test section. Upon exiting the test section, the air freely expands into the room and recirculates back to the fan intake. To facilitate operations, the test section is mounted on a raised platform providing access from below; overhead access is also available. Adjoining the wind tunnel are control room, doffing area, and sampling room. Donning and garment storage areas are located apart from the wind tunnel. To allow for testing over a range of ambient conditions, the wind tunnel is equipped with cooling, heating, and humidity controls. Temperatures from approximately 0 to 45°C and relative humidities from approximately 20% to 85% may be achieved. The ventilation systems of the wind tunnel include a recirculating, high-efficiency filtration system for the removal of aerosol from the wind tunnel atmosphere and an ambient air purging system.

fashion directory  Texas Research International   They test protective clothing.  The effectiveness of protective clothing against chemicals is assessed by the performance of clothing materials, seams, and components in preventing the passage of the chemicals in question. The chemical protective clothing industry uses two principal methods for measuring barrier effectiveness of protective clothing materials and seams against chemicals: permeation resistance and penetration resistance.


ASTM F1342 - 05 ASTM F1342 - 05 Standard Test Method for Protective Clothing Material Resistance to Puncture.  This test method evaluates puncture resistance of protective clothing materials which may include plastics or elastomeric films, coated fabrics, flexible materials, laminates, or textile materials. This test method is not intended to measure puncture resistance of all types of punctures encountered using protective clothing material. This test method involves a procedure where a puncture probe of specified dimensions is used for puncturing specimens.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Protective clothing -- Test methods for clothing providing protection against chemicals -- Part 4: Determination of resistance to penetration by a spray of liquid (spray test). 

Protective Clothing ISO 17491-4:2008 specifies methods for determining the resistance of chemical protective clothing to penetration by sprays of liquid chemicals at two different levels of intensity:

  • Method A: low-level spray test. This is applicable to clothing that covers the full body surface and which is intended to be worn when there is a potential risk of exposure to small quantities of spray or accidental low volume splashes of a liquid chemical.
  • Method B: high level spray test This is applicable to clothing with spray-tight connections between different parts of the clothing and, if applicable, between the clothing and other items of personal protective equipment, which covers the full body surface and which is intended to be worn when there is a risk of exposure to sprayed particles of liquid.

Test Methods for Protective Clothing (OSHA: United States Department of Labor) This appendix contains test methods which must be used to determine if protective clothing affords the required level of protection as specified in 1910.156, fire brigades.

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