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Fabric testing methods are designed as standard testing procedures with a purpose to help the textile industry and apparel industry monitor quality.  The fabric testing methods allow clothing manufacturers to follow uniformed test procedures to evaluate fabric, textiles, and apparel in a consistent manner.  Utilizing pre-determined testing methods for conducting tests, is the only way to maintain a consistent and level playing field in regard to the testing of textiles.  In order to properly measure quality, specific standards must be set and specific testing methods (testing procedures), must be followed.  Following an exact and detailed method allows for testing to be consistent in multiple locations.

Fabric can be tested in a factories own internal lab or with an independent testing laboratory.  Typically, a retailer will require that testing be conducted at a third party laboratory so that factories are not tempted to manipulate the testing results.  In addition to avoiding test altering, using a qualified third party lab will help insure that the "proper" fabric testing method are used. 

If an inexperience person or lab conducts the testing, it is possible that they would not use the proper fabric testing method.  This would result in an inaccurate testing report.  It is important to use a qualified textile lab.

Fabric testing is conducted so that apparel manufacturers, clothing retailers, and fashion wholesalers can evaluate the quality of the garments that they sell.  This issue is important to members of the fashion industry as well as consumers of fashion.  The apparel industry wants to make sure that the garments that they manufacturer and sell meet international quality standards.  Textile testing standards are set and the fabric testing methods are in place to monitor that the standards developed are maintained.  Testing can be performed both to improve product quality and achieve compliance to international, regional, or retailer specific standards.

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It is important for the fashion industry to learn about fabric testing methods in order to stay compliant in regard to quality.  In addition to knowing about testing methods, it is important to also understand the specific testing result requirements set forth by retailers.  If a clothing company does not know the retailers testing standard requirements, that company may run into problems such as receiving a charge back or returned merchandise.

Fabric Testing Labs are vital for the fashion industry and textile industry. Learn more about fabric testing labs, fabric testing methods and fabric testing standards...

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Apparel Industry fabric test methods help laboratories review various types of fabric conditions including crocking, color fast properties, fabric shrinkage, fabric torque, fabric chemical testing, fabric composition etc.  Statistical analysis from testing can help industry standard development and standard compliance.  Clearly fabric testing is extremely important to the fashion industry. 

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Fabric Testing Methods

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