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  AB Group (China): produces sanitarian textile fabrics / anit-bacterial.

  A & H Hangers: they are one leading manufacturer and exporter of clothing hangers in China.  Address: 2nd Gangwan Rd., Wuhu China  Phone:  0086-553-5843234 Fax: 0086-553-3824821 Email: [email protected] Contact: Jason, Director

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: wooden hangers

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: plastic hangers

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: wire hangers

  Alpas Cashmere: they are a leading cashmere manufacturer in China, factory based in Inner Mongolia, where most part of world cashmere originated. Over 10 years in cashmere industry, ALPAS annually produce 300 metric tons of dehaired cashmere material and cashmere(also blends)yarn, 600,000 pcs. of cashmere sweaters/ knitwears/pants and 1,000,000 pcs. of pashmina shawls. They are supplier of Macys /Neiman Marcaus / Galeries Lafayette... and also European knitters.  Address: 7B52 ShanghaiMart, 2299 Yan-an Road Shanghai 200336 China Phone: 021-62360438 Fax: 021-62360439 Email: [email protected]  Contact: Bill Zhang/Export Manager

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: sweaters

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: scarves

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: shawls

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: pants

  • Manufacturer Item # 5: socks

  • Manufacturer Item # 6: cardigan

  • Manufacturer Item # 7: pullover

  Amstrong Textile Co., Ltd.  :  manufacturer and exporter of quality silk fabrics, scarves, cushion covers, bed linens and silk/spandex fabrics in China.  Their products are 100% pure silk fabrics, silk scarves cushion covers and silk/spandex blended fabrics, digital printed, solid dyed (Azo-free), shaded, beaded, embroidered, normal printed, jacquard designs, and yarn dyed fabrics and textiles.   Address: 467th Yanan Rd., Nanchong, Sichuan, China. Tel: (+ 86 )817212 4030 Fax: (+ 86) 817 261 0426 Email: [email protected]  

  AnPing JinBoXin Garment Accessories Co.,Ltd.: Their company is one of the leading manufacturer specialized in horse hair interlining , hair interlining and horse tail hair yarn ...etc.  They can supply and develop all kinds of horse hair fabrics and hair interlining cloth. Their products have been pasted Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test and their company have pasted ISO9001:2000 . Their interlinings and yarns are mainly exported to Korea , Italy , Germany , Australia , USA , UK ,Canada .... If you are interested in their products please contact with them.  Address: Hecun Development Area , Anping County, Hebei Province 053600 China Tel:0086 0318 7505818 7505815 Fax:0086 0318 7505815 7505818 Email: [email protected]

  • Horse hair interlining

  • Horse hair fabrics

  • Hair interlining cloth

  • Horse tail hair yarn

  • Upholstery horse hair fabrics

  • Interlinings ,yarns

  • Horse hair Canvas , Chest piece

  Anshan East Asian Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd: China. Pitch-based, general purpose, chopped and milled carbon fibers for friction materials, reinforcement, protective products and garments, and composite materials. Also, carbon paper, yarns and nonwoven fabrics. Part of Ashland Oil, Inc.

  Baiteng Garment Factory Co. Ltd.: they are specialize in knitted products .  Their major products such as brief, T-shirt, vest, pajama, baby wear ,beach pants, and lingerie.  Main market is U.S.A., U.K. & European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Koroea, Singapore, South America countries, etc   They have produced with  brand name such as Jockey,  Calvin Klein, Polo, Oscar, Gap, Versace, Diesel, Bugle Boy, Durban, Siegfried, Givenchy, Moschino, Jordache, Apollo and Fila.   In 2001, BAITENG GARMENTS CO.,LTD. was founded and response to co-operate with oversea customer. The features of their products lie in their price, fashionable Design, and Quality Control. With accumulation enough manufacturing experiences, they will do their best to lower the cost and improve techniques & production capacity to benefit their customers.   Address:  No.19# Fengying Road Beifeng Industry zone   Quanzhou   362000  China Phone:   86-595-2896905 or  86-595-2334729 Fax:  86-595-2885186 Email:  [email protected] Contact: Connie Shi

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: underwear

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: beach panties

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: baby wear

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: T-shirt

  • Manufacturer Item # 5: vest

  • Manufacturer Item # 6: knitwear

  • Manufacturer Item # 7: nightgowns

  Baoshun Zipper Co., Ltd - China (formerly known as Baoxin Zipper Co., Ltd) is a big zipper production company. It has more than 20 years experiences in zipper production. All the equipment and production technology are imported from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It mainly produce NO.3, NO.4, NO.5, NO.6, NO.8, NO.10 plastic steel, nylon, metal and various specification zippers. Their company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certificate. Their factory locates at Henggang Town of Shenzhen, near Shenhui Highway and only five minutes to international container dock Yantian harbor and near seashore resource center: Xiaomeisha and Dameisha. The factory has an area of 20000 m2, and it has 10000m2 modernmultifunction factory. After several years endeavor and development, it has a complete production equipment and production technology with dying factory, zipper head factory, zipper factory and mould room to help customers to produce their own brand. It has the character of excellent equipment, professional technology, quality guarantee and prompt delivery.

  • Plastic Zipper Factory
  • Nylon Zipper Factory
  • Metal Zipper Factory

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  Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) [China]: To formulate development strategies, guidelines and policies of domestic and foreign trade and international economic cooperation, draft laws and regulations governing domestic and foreign trade, economic cooperation and foreign investment, devise implementation rules and regulations. To study and put forward proposals on harmonizing domestic legislations on trade and economic affairs as well as bringing Chinese economic and trade laws into conformity with multilateral and bilateral treaties and agreements.

  China National Federation of Textile Industries

 Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC): For the information and official assistance on purchasing quotas.

  China Council for the Promotion of International Trade  Established in May 1952, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) comprises VIPS, enterprises and organizations representing the economic and trade sectors in China. It is the most important and the largest institution for the promotion of foreign trade in China. The aims of the CCPIT are to operate and promote foreign trade, to use foreign investment, to introduce advanced foreign technologies, to conduct activities of Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation in various forms, to promote the development of economic and trade relations between China and other countries and regions around the world, and to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between China and peoples and economic and trade circles of all nations around the world, in line with law and government policies of the People's Republic of China.

  China National Tourism Administration  

  Bartex Interlining Co.,Ltd: Bartex Interlining Co.,Ltd in Guangzhou, China, was founded in 1993. They specialize in manufacturing interlinings for Garments and Embroidery.  Products are mainly non-wovens.  Their products include: (1)Stitch-bonding Interlinings, Double Dot Interlinings for all washable application(2)Thermo-bonded/Chemical Bonded Paste Dot Interlinings,  Scatter Interlinings (3)Embroidery Backing, Water Soluble Interlinings.  They own advanced equipments, technical workers and scientific management. The brand "Mallard" is famous not only in domestic but also in overseas now. They have got ISO9001 certificate and operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2000.  Address: Rm 1507, Yindu Bldg, 225# Guangming Rd(N), Panyu District, Guangzhou, P.R.China Tel: 86-20-84895789 Fax: 86-20-84898224 Email: [email protected]  [email protected] Contact person: MR.Xiao or MS.Yi

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: double dot interlinings

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: stitch-bonding interlinings

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: paste-dot interlinings

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: scatter interlinings

  • Manufacturer Item # 5: thermal-bonded/chemicalinterlinings

  • Manufacturer Item # 6: water soluble interlinings

  • Manufacturer Item # 7: embroidery backing

  Beijing BEISICA textile co.,ltd  : BEISICA main products are sweater for men, women and baby, scarf, shawl, wrap, pillow/blanket, knitting & weaving yarn etc. Make with pure cashmere, blended with wool, silk, cotton, milk fibre, bamboo fibre and camel hair, angora rabbit, yak, etc. The products are manufactured by self-owned factory, with delicate craftworks and bargaining prices. The products can be ordered by customers and shops for retail, wholesale, and putting private brands label. They accept small order of special size, special style. They can also help you prepare collection if you like. The price and ship cost lie on the quantity of order.  Address: Youshige B,Room 1105, Shuangjing str., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.(100022) Phone:86-10-58614087 Fax:86-10-950507-708526# E-mail:[email protected] Contact : Wang Jingjing

  • Sweater Manufacturer
  • Scarf & Shawl Manufacturer

  Beijing Richman ( was established in 2005, based on the background of HongFeng cashmere factory which has been in the cashmere processing and distributing filed for more than fifteen years.  They are a speciallized manufacturer and exporter of Cashmere materials, cashmere tops, cashmere yarn, cashmere sweater, cardigan, cashmere pullover, cashmere socks, cashmere glove, cashmere hat, cashmere caps, cashmere shawl, pashmina shawl cashmere carding waste, carpet grade raw wool, sheep cashmere yarn, cashmere waste, cashmere yarn waste, cashmere combing waste ,sheep wool waste,cashmere carding waste, carpet grade raw wool and lambs wool waste, etc.  Address: Beijing Fengtai china Phone:0086-10-83832505 Fax:0086-10-838325-6 E-mail:[email protected] Contact : Chris Zhang

  • Yarn (Cashmere) - 1. Cashmere yarn, pashmina yarn (14NM--80NM)(from usd70.00/kg to usd115.00/kg) 2.Cashmere and other materials blended yarn,cashmere handknitting yarn,(wool, rabbit hair, yak hair, camel hair, mohair, cotton , tencel, modal, rayon, ramie, chemical fiber, etc)
  • Sweater Manufacturer - cashmere sweater, pashmina sweater (3GG,5GG,7GG12GG,16GG,18GG), cashmere/silk blended sweater, cashmere/other materials blended sweater, cashmere cardigan, cashmere pullover, cashmere boat neck, cashmere turtle neck, cashmere round neck ,wool sweater, merino wool sweater and so on.
  • Shawl Manufacturer: Cashmere shawl, Woolen cashmere (pashmina) shawl, Woolen leather with fur shawl, Woolen printing shawl,

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