Update Your Apparel Search Listing
It is our pleasure to update your listing.  If you wish to update your web site address, or simply correct a typing error, you are welcome to notify us regarding the adjustment.  Carefully follow the instruction below.

1) Information Location:  In order for us to make your revisions, it is important that we can find your listing.  If you know the page that your listing is on, please provide us with the page names. 

Note: the page name is always at the top of the page.  For example, the page that you are currently reading is titled the "Update Your Apparel Search Listing" page.   If you do not know the page name, you should describe to us the primary function of your company and the country in which your company is based.  For example, "My company owns a factory that produces buttons.  Our business is in Turkey."

2) Contact Information:  If you e-mail us with your request, please be certain to include your full company name, your e-mail address, and your name.  We will need to be able to contact you if we have questions.  Also, we need your company name to find your listing... Note: if you use our Contact Us form to submit your revision, you will be able to fill in the above information on the form.

3) Changes:  Please list clear instructions regarding the changes that you wish to have made to your listing.  Tell us what you wish to have added as well as what you wish to have removed.

4) Contact Us with the above information.