Knit fabric Factory  Using NATURAL fiberS to produce fabric.

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      This form is for fabric FACTORIES  that produce KNIT fabric by using NATURAL fiberS only ...


Contact Information

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fabric Description

fabric Classification

The form below will allow you to list up to 12 fabrics that your factory currently produces.   List your fabrics in the order of importance to your company:    List only the fabric types that you are currently capable of producing.   

Note:  You do NOT have to use all of the menus from below.  If you only produce one type of fabric, you will only have to use the menu number 1.

10  11  12 

If your factory produces a fabric type that is not listed above, please Contact Us before you submit this form so that we can add your company information accurately.



fiber used to make fabric

Example of fiber:  Cotton, Wool, Linen, Silk , etc.   Please list only one per box.

fiber Classification:

1 2
10  11  12 


Weight & Width

If fabric WEIGHT is important to your fabric type, list details about your fabric weight capabilities.
If fabric WIDTH is important to your fabric type, list details about your fabric width capabilities.
This section is optional...  



Write a brief description of your company.  Please be as detailed as possible, so that viewers can learn about your services.


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