Advertising on Basic Pages (one page sponsorship): Fashion Advertising
Fashion Advertising  Advertising Prices

This is one of the most popular methods of advertising on  This allows companies to advertise directly on the page that is most relevant to their particular product or service. 

Let's use a hangtag supplier as an example:

When a clothing company is looking to purchase hang tags, they will visit our hang tag page (located in our Manufacturer section).  On that hangtag page, they will find links listed in alphabetical order by company name.  By advertising on the top of the hang tag page, you are some what guaranteed that almost every customer that enters the page, will view your company advertisement (because you will be listed at the top).  Keep in mind viewers that visit our hang tag page, are obviously not looking to buy a stereo.  They are there specifically to "purchase" hang tags.  The same theory holds true regardless of your product category or service. 

The One Page Sponsorship on a "basic page", will allow you to advertise on a page that is specific to your product or service that you wish to promote.

Current Year Pricing: $80. per month

Pricing is "fixed" based on the year you begin sponsorship. Once you lock in pricing, your cost does NOT increase if we raise pricing in the future.

2012 - 2022  $80. per month

2007  $70. per month
2006  $59. per month
2005  $59. per month
2004  $49. per month
2003  $49. per month
2002  $39. per month
2001  $30. per month

We look forward to helping drive traffic to your business.