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The Apparel Search Colombia division has CLOSED.

We are still capable of assisting with production relevant issues from Colombia, but we no longer have an affiliate office in this country.

If you need assistance with garment production, you can contact our USA production department.

Apparel Search Columbia ... We can produce your swimwear, sweaters, t-shirts, pants, outerwear, underwear etc.

To better serve our clients in the area of quality assurance and production, the Apparel Search Company has expanded and developed a partnership office in Colombia, South America, in order to take the most out of the APTDEA for USA customers.  

There is an experienced Apparel Search Colombia staff that can assist your company with all aspects of producing garments from Colombia.   Whether you work for a large clothing company or you are new to the industry, Apparel Search Colombia will help you make the most out of the wonderful resources available throughout this country.

Apparel Search Colombia is an experienced trilingual team (English, Italian and Spanish) with plenty of knowledge about textile and garment supply. This corporation has the purpose of giving our customers an appropriate response to their needs. Since 1999 Apparel Search Colombia has been a reliable and experienced sourcing company, based in Colombia, South America
an APTDEA country.  We act as inspecting agents for a number of customers in the USA and Canada.  We supply foreign chain stores, discount stores and importers who source a range of garments and other products.

Staff is located in
, Colombia (the textile and apparel capital of the country), and will be on sight at factory locations to closely monitor your product through all phases of production.  Allow Apparel Search to be your eyes and ears in Colombia.   We will virtually assist your company every step of the way.  


We help foreign companies buy from Colombia by finding manufacturers and exporters of textiles, apparels, fashion accessories and other related items. We act as your man on the spot. We cover the whole spectrum from locating sources you are not aware, qualifying suppliers, interfacing them and keeping in touch with them including personal visits, helping with price negotiations, follow up, monitoring productions, conducting inspections etc.  You can count on knowledge of the local market, business practice, local law and opportunities.


We work with manufacturers all over Colombia. We source all our merchandise from a number of established manufacturers based in Medellin, Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla, Pereira, Ibague and Manizales.  We work with some of the very well established factories that have a vertical setup and eventually any city of the country.  JC Penny, Walmarts, Gap, Levi's, Marks and Spensors, Walt Disney, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Target Stores, Carters, Sears, Gimborie, Ralph Laurent, and some others, have rated some of these Colombian factories.

While short listing the factories we ensure they have:

We have an excellent set of such factories that even have a full time designer at our service to help us with fabric-and-garment sample developments, keeping in mind the current market needs and trends, and an in-house and out-house testing labs.



We are dedicated to:

Assist foreign buying agencies in order to execute purchase orders for them as well as finding, making contact, and qualifying the right manufacturer in Colombia for the specific product-needs and with the quality and price standards they are looking for.

New suppliers approach and their evaluation.

o       Financial strength.

o       Code of conduct.

o       Technical abilities

o       Factory layout, equipment, personnel, and productivity sample room.      

o       Quota holdings / performance.

o       Vendor's strength and reputation in dealing with customers based on years of experience and interaction.

1.      Follow up and interfacing all the parts involved and keeping in touch with them, including personal visits.

2.      Costing and negotiations.

3.      Get formal price quotations under request.

4.      Reach approvals in a lower time.

5.      Fulfill factory compliances and certifications.

6.      Perform quality control as well as in-line and final inspections.

7.      Logistic support and follow up for shipments:

o       Checking incoming documents for accuracy and completeness

o       Tracking shipments during transit

o       Co-ordination of shipping requirements

o       Reducing documentation delays

o       Maintaining a vigil on quota prices and utilization

8.      Payments and claims.


Our vendors design teams help us to give the buyers development of new samples and fabrics. We can offer fabrics and textile products developments, specs appraisal and mold evaluations. fabrics are tested for color fastness standards, and fabric strength and free dyes are used.

There are many types of fabrics available as per your request, that we can find in Colombia for you such as woven and knitted fabrics in cotton, rayon, polyester, jacquards, handlooms, silk, dobbies, herringbones, moss crepe, seersucker, checks and stripes.  Finishes: stone wash, peach wash, prints, screen, plain dyes, weaves and sand wash.

In addition, if they are not available in Colombia, Apparel Search Colombia can import fabrics and trims
through its vendors, to be used in the garments. These can be imported from any part of the world, as per buyer specifications.

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