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To better serve our clients in the area of quality assurance and production, the Apparel Search Company has developed a partnership office in India.   The experienced Apparel Search India staff can assist your company with all aspects of producing garments from India.   Whether you work for a large clothing company or you are new to the industry, Apparel Search India will help you make the most out of the wonderful resources available though out the country of India.

Our staff is physically located in India, and will be on sight at factory locations to closely monitor your product through all phases of production.  Allow Apparel Search to be your eyes and ears in India.   We will virtually assist your company every step of the way.    Feel free to utilize our knowledgeable managers to monitor your production process.  Taking advantage of our service will assure that your company receives proper quality and timely delivery.

Welcome to Apparel Search India !!!                                                      More details below...


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as an able outfit providing services in the field of Textiles, Home furnishings and Readymade Garments. We are based in Chennai, India, which is the nerve Centre for the textile and readymade garment industry in India. We act as Buying and Inspecting Agents for a number of Customers in the USA,EEC, South  Africa & Canada. We Represent foreign chain stores, discount stores and importers who source a range of garments and other products. Since  starting our business in 1995 we have built a reputation for delivering high quality products on-time.

What we do ???

Help foreign companies buy from India. We act as your man on the spot.  We cover the whole spectrum from locating sources you are not aware, qualifying suppliers, interfacing them and keeping in touch with them including personal visits, helping with price negotiations, follow up, monitoring productions, conducting inspections etc
If you are like our best customers, you will heavily lean on our knowledge of the local climate, market, business practice, local law, mentality, dangers and opportunities.

Our Supplier Base

We have a very strong supplier base for a wide range of products. We work with manufacturers all over India,  Sri Lanka, Nepal, Dubai & Bangladesh. In India we source all our merchandise from a number of established manufacturers based in New Delhi, Ludhiana, Bombay, Madras, Tirupur and Bangalore.  We work with some of the very well established factories who have a vertical setup, good working conditions, financial capacity & a sound knowledge of fabrics & garment production.

Services Offered


              Developments & Sampling

              Costing & Negotiations


              Production & Quality Control &

              Co-ordinate Shipments.

Our main aim is to satisfy our customers in procuring premium quality products at competitive prices, delivered on-time.


We at Apparel Search India believe in sourcing the best quality fabric. Good fabric is the key to successful production, minimizing rejections and ensuring smooth production runs. fabrics are tested for color fastness standards and fabric strength.   India has a versatile and wide range of fabrics and finishes. A separate booklet of fabric swatches can be made available, offering insight into the range of fabrics available. fabrics and finishes available in India include the following:

fabrics :

Cotton, rayon, polyester, knitted, denim, jacquards, handlooms, silk dobby, herring bones, moss crepe, seer sucker, checks and stripes


Stone wash, peach wash, prints, plain dyes, weaves, sand wash


Development and Sampling

We continue to explore diverse products with quality designs. Our Design team or merchandisers help the buyers with development of new samples and fabrics. Indian garments are famous for the embroidered look. Different types of embroideries that can be done in India include: hand/computer/ machine embroideries, smocking, beadwork chain-stitch, patchwork, etc.  Garments can be developed to suit the color, fabric and style requirements of the current seasons. We will arrange to have the samples made based on the customers specific needs - 'sampling Request
.  Sampling will take 2/3 weeks from the date of receipt of the Inquiry. Alternatively, a range can be developed and the Buyers can choose whatever is suitable for their buying season.


              Proper sourcing is the key to success. In order to execute a purchase order for you, it is vital to select the prime vendor who would fulfill your needs. The ability of a factory to produce your product at a given price is of great importance. At times we will refrain from accepting inquiries which are non-compatible to Indian vendors capabilities.

              Some of our sourcing prerequisites include:

          -  a.. Financial strength ,   

          -  b.. Technical abilities ,   

          -  c.. Factory layout, equipment. Personnel, productivity & sample room. &   

          -  d.. Vendor's strength and reputation in dealing with customers based on their experience.



Our sourcing staff is of the finest corporate level in India. Our prime priority is customer satisfaction. The following functions are just a brief outline of the role of our merchandisers:

a.. Market Information - develop new resources and products

b.. Appraise vendors of buyers' requirements

c.. Effective costing and price negotiations

d.. Communications with buyer on a daily basis

e.. Weekly reports for customers - highlighting production status, shipping information, sample status and other customized reports for customers

Orders are closely monitored right from sampling to shipment. Apparel Search India keeps the buyer fully informed about the progress in production at every stage, and believes in maintaining a proactive approach to preventing potential problems and ensure on-time delivery of the finished goods.

Quality Assurance

In a buying house like ours, the Quality Controllers/field Inspectors are the "eyes and ears" of its merchandising counterparts. All our Quality Control Personnel are very experienced and well versed with the AQL standards or equivalent thereof. Some of our controls include:

a.. Sample appraisal

b.. Factory evaluations

c.. Identify and pre-empt production problems during placement.  

d.. Analyze quality data and correlate results with Buyer's audits

e.. Monitor laboratory test results and match against local testing data.

f.. Maintain accurate product details and records

g.. Apparel Search India handles all labeling instructions.

We aim to deliver defect-free garments of 
world class" quality on time.

Our Clients

We represent importers in the USA, EEC and Canada who in turn sell to High street chain stores and well know brands. We will provide a complete list of our current clientale upon request.

Product Range

We can offer a wide range of products  in Knitted and Woven fabrics ranging:

  • Men                       :        Casual shirts, shorts, trousers etc
  • Ladies                   :         Blouses, Skirts, Tops, Dresses.
  • Children                :         Readymade Garments, Rompers, Jumpers, Bibs.
  • Undergarments      :         Panties, Underwear
  • Sleepwear             :         Night Shirts, Pyjamas, Robes etc    

What we need

We need good product information, clear visibility about product buying capability, a long term non circumvention agreement, and a "leave us alone" period (mutually acceptable duration) during which any contacts from India generated by us are considered by definition.  The rationale of this is that we usually do not hide your company name and widely circulate your name and information. It is not unusual that you may get a direct call from someone we have contacted OR someone we have NOT contacted directly but got nonetheless a copy of our fax. This is a common occurrence.  If you have special or different requirements, let's us know. We will try to accommodate your needs. For example, if you need help for a one-time transaction, we will consider it. Obviously, the other face of the coin is that we need to be choosy about the companies we work for.

Service Fee

Actually, most of our clients are finding it cheaper to work with us because we are able to source products much cheaper than buying directly from the manufacturers. The quality of our products is reasonably good (rejection rate - almost negligible) and we try our best to ship on time.  We charge a small percentage of the FOB value of the shipment as Commission. 

Understanding a Customer

We will need some of the following basic information  to understand

your company and process your requests effectively:

Do you buy garments/textiles from India directly or through agents?

Where is your company located?

For which countries are you buying goods?

What is the typical size of your order ( quantity - pieces, meters, value)?

What is the Delivery Lead time you are looking for?

What are your payment terms ?

Do you open Letters Of Credit for your orders?

If you require any further details or clarifications, please do not hesitate to Contact Apparel Search India (production office).

Production Office:
Apparel Search India; Union Buying Inc.
63, Perambur High Road, Perambur, Chennai – 600011
Tel : 91 44 25515287/65251287 Mobile : 91 9444385287 E-mail : or 
Skype : unionbuying

Contact: Raghu Kumar


Note: Union Buying Inc. based in Chennai, India is responsible for services rendered.  All negotiations, payments, and contract obligations will transacted between the client and Union Buying Inc.

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