by Patrice Worthy ;  Indiana Daily Student Published Friday, September 26, 2003

Now that fall is already here, we can get ready for spring. We haven't even fully relaxed into that whole mod London thing designers have bestowed upon us this season, and now here's spring.

Isn't it funny? Spring isn't here yet, and runway shows are going on everywhere.

Some designers were inspired by femininity from the '50s, and its innocent sophistication, while others obviously think we should all look like candy children in bright oranges, neon greens, blues and pinks. Have they gone crazy? I personally feel the latter will be a little easier to fit into, but who can deny flirty femininity?

Spring is like a burst of sweet-smelling perfume. On the other hand, it is no more than a bunch of hairy, pale-skinned people ready to get out into the sun and live a little.

This coming spring, it looks like we will be living in slouchy linen pants and feminine dresses that fall on the body. Think English tea time meets mademoiselle. The colors behind most designers' inspirations, are red, pink, peach, lavender, black, yellow, and of course, white. Prepare for A-line skirts and dresses, extra-wide leg pants, cocktail dresses, and form-fitting pedal pushers. The collections don't evoke an air of royalty like last spring, but they are ultra-feminine with a sex kitten appeal.

My favorite would have to be the eyelet lace cocktail dresses and A-line skirts.

One of the most beautiful trends is the beaded 1930's-style dress. The dresses are usually flouncy and pink with a floral inspiration. Tracy Reese embodied the spirit of spring with her collection during New York Fashion Week. People were actually crying at her show. Cynthia Steffe also aimed for the same look, with her 40's-inspired collection. The only difference was the bright red lipstick worn by the models. The look was fresh, but with an innocent seductive appeal. It made one think of the girl that aces the poetry class, but flirts relentlessly with her professor. This spring is going to be blooming with smoldering sexuality. 

On the other hand, bright colors are coming back with a vengeance and it almost makes me want to cringe. The looks are happy, and remind one of lying around on a beach. It would be good if I could get past that late-80's-early-90's-bright-color thing. Do you remember just dying to have those neon green socks and disturbingly pink shoes?

Well friends, those days are back -- but with a 12-year age difference. I am not saying the look is horrendous, but it hasn't been long enough since that fashion faux-pas. Of course people will pick up a couple of striped tees and bright blue culottes. This is not the circus, and I have never been that ecstatic about spring. Even Tommy Hilfiger hopped on the bright color bandwagon. His collection includes bright pink pants for guys, and bright yellow satiny pleated skirts. All I have to say is it reminds me of being seven. I almost couldn't look. The first thing that ran through my mind was MC Hammer and Barbie.

I would advise everyone to stay away from this look. I predict that this shockingly bright color phenomenon will not be as popular as predicted. Though the romantic flirty thing is going to be a lot to prepare for, I feel the trend is more timely than clothes we wore when we were eight.

Enjoy the whole mod, collegiate-style look, and hope that buyers will stock the store with age appropriate clothing or at least colors that don't scream 'I ran away with the circus.' I believe this is just a joke and the real stuff is being shown at some private events; if not, they have a lot of explaining to do. If you would like to get caught up on fashion week and the trends for spring log onto See for yourself the elegance -- and the absurdity -- of spring.

Patrice Worthy

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