The Colours of Spring !!!


 This seasons hottest colours were not hard to miss.  Put on your shades, the fabrics for this spring are exploding with colour.  Found in almost every store imaginable, bright tangerine and turquoises (two of the most popular) are used for almost every garment imaginable, from skirts to shirts to halters to pants – you name it, you’ll find it.  Tan and beige are also seen among these bright, tropical colours, mostly in denim and skirting.  This is quite a change from last year’s pastel purples and peach.  Creating and bright and cheery feeling wherever you go, these beautiful colours make life a little more exciting.  So be the daring individual, you have always wanted to be, go out and buy that hot pink dress or tangerine halter, you’ll fit right in – Bright colours are the rage.


Apparel Search Reporter
Dianna Ealey

Reporter Name: Dianna Ealey
Status: Available for Freelance


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