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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Charity and charitable giving is an imporant aspect of society and world culture.  The fashion industry is not made entirely of righteous people but the industry does get invloved with a good amount of caritable activities.  Below are a few examples of charitable giving and events regarding fashion and charity.

Below you will see a partial list of fashion relevant charity blog posts.  You can search for additional fashion charity blog posts by using our search engine.

Rachael Ray Wearing Sequin Jewelry (at Michael J. Fox Foundation's A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's Gala)

Clint Eastwood and Cool Watches for a Good Cause

MountKarma Crowdfund for Nepal

Giving is Beautiful Soma Bra Donation

Van Heusen #GIVEASHIRT Sweepstakes

ShopFunder Shop with Social Awareness

Mint and Lolly Bracelets Helping Fight Cancer

CarryMeThrough from Patricia Nash

Living Beyond Breast Cancer with Chico's

Nautica, Austin Nichols and Oceana

International Education Supported by Signorelli and buildOn

Party to Help Ovarian Cancer Research

Send A Smile with Chico's

Sail to Sable at Jack Rodgers

Nikki Reed Hosts The Baja Animal Sanctuary Charity Event

HALF UNITED Fighting Hunger with Fashion

Above is only a portion of our charity relevant news.  You can use our search engine to find more.  The apparel industry never ceases to amaze.