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In this section of our blog archive we list a few of the posts we have written about chic clothing, footwear, or accessories.  In other words, clothes that is elegantly and stylishly fashionable.  We may also discuss boutiques, events, hairstyles, etc.  For example, it is possible that we have written news about a fashion boutique that has a chic new look.

Below you will see a partial list of our chic fashion blog posts.  You can search for additional chic fashion blog posts by using our search engine.

Regina King Sophisticated Chic

Chic New Sunglasses by Vera Wang

Gigi Hadid in Paris in Parker Smith Jeans

bebe is Chic, Contemporary Fashion

Ashley Greene wears Parker Smith Girlfriend Jeans

Resort collection by Island Contessa for 2015

Vanessa Hudgens Looks Stunning in Ocnarf Sairutsa

If you spot a chic style, let us know.  We would be happy to write about what you find to be of interest.