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Tara Powder is used in the textile & apparel industry.  Learn more about the Clothing Industry and Tara Powder.

COMINPER S.A.C. The Peruvian company COMINPER S.A.C. offers its monthly stock of 250 TM of best quality TARA SHEATH POWDER as bulk raw material for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and tannery industries. MICROPULVERIZED TARA POWDER: 1,240 US$ x TM FOB Peru. Price for minimum order of 7 TM

  Exandal Corp.: EXANDAL CORP. is a Peruvian / American company dedicated to producing and exporting TARA POWDER all over the world. Their high-tech facility is located in Lima, Peru, they operate under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in order to guarantee the good quality of their product. Tara Powder is a natural source of Tannins very used in a broad range of fields, e.g. manufacture of leather. Tara Powder is free of substances and consequently it permits to obtain a very bright and lightfast leathers. Likewise, their product Tara Powder offers to the leather processors softness and fullness, keeping a very fine and tight grain. The grain of leathers tanned with Tara Powder has a higher resistance to breaking load in comparison with others natural tannins. The tannin of tara contains practically no coloring substances and it therefore gives a very bright light resistant leather. In addition, tara powder imparts fullness and softness to the leather and a fine closed grain which in the breaking elongation test resists a higher load than leathers which are tanned with other vegetable tannins.  Address: 17620 Sherman Way Suite 217, Van Nuys Ca 91406 Phone: 818-705-9497 Fax: 818-705-8628 E-mail: Contact: Andrea Alvaro

  Molinos Chipoco EIRL: they are a peruvian agriculture industrial company specialized on Tara powder a row material for the leather industry, it has a variety applicantion but mainly are footware, garments, automotive and furniture.   The general specifications are: 1. Tannin 50% minimum 2. Fineness 150 Mesh (90 % pass) and 40 mesh 3. Humidity 8% maximum Shipment in 20 FT container: Without pallets: 21 tons with 840 bags of 25 kilos net weight packed in polyethylene (inside) followed by polypropylene (outside), or double paper. Pallets: 18 tons with 720 bags of 25 kilos Capacity:  They are enable to supply one container per week or more if they have your time planned order.    They buy the raw material directly from the agricultures, transform into powder in their own facilities, they make the export by themselves.  Phone/Fax: 511 254-0051 E-mail: 

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