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To be honest, the word housedress is a bit vintage.  More for historical purposes than a modern term.  A housedress is a simple dress suitable for wearing while doing housework.  In modern times, most women may agree that housedresses should be for husbands instead of wives.

A housedress may also be used as an informal term for a dress that is mainly worn at home or as a leisure garment.

The term originated in the late nineteenth century to describe at-home garments designed for maximum practicality and usually made from washable fabrics. It is directly descended from the Mother Hubbard dress.

  • A Mother Hubbard dress is a long, wide, loose-fitting gown with long sleeves and a high neck. It is intended to cover as much skin as possible. It was devised in Victorian western societies to free women from the constriction of corsets that fashion imposed on better off women.

Although an informal garment, the house dress, particularly during the 1950s, was intended to be stylish and feminine as well as serviceable.

Some designers became known for house dress designs, such as Claire McCardell, whose 1942 'popover' wrap dress was equally wearable as a house dress, a dressing-gown, a beach cover-up or even a party dress. The house dress version of McCardell's popover came with a matching oven glove.

  • Popover is a type of dress originally designed by Claire McCardell in 1942. The outfit type became the basis for a variety of wrap-around dresses.  A versatile wrap dress, it could be used as a bathing suit cover-up, house dress, dressing gown, or party dress.  It is iconic of the American Look and could be worn to entertain, to a party, or to cover up a swimsuit.

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