Contest for the Fashion Industry

Apparel Search is having a contest !!!!  Would you like to win ???  We guess that you would first like to know what can be won as the grand prize.  Is it a CAR ?  Actually, the answer is no.  However, our grand prize is even better.  The grand prize is one Free month of advertising on Apparel Search. 

The contest rules are very simple.  We are going to hide the "Apparel Fish" on one of the pages on our web site.  The first person to find the "Apparel Fish" wins.  Basically, you must locate the fish and then e-mail us with the fishes location on our contact us form.  The e-mail to us will automatically register the date and time that your message is submitted (Be certain to include the page title where you have located the fish).  The first person to submit the correct location  "WINS".  It is that simple....

Below you will find a picture of the fish that you are looking for.  By the way, we will "not" be reducing the size of the "Apparel Fish".  The fish will appear in the same size and color as you see it below.   Good luck & happy fishing...

Apparel Fish

On your mark, get set, go.....  Find this fish !!!

Important Conditions: 

1)  The winners banner can not be placed on the first two pages of our site. (The splash page & home).

2)  The winner "MUST" have a company that is directly related to the Apparel, Fashion or Textile industries.

3)  The winner banner must be made in good taste.  The Apparel Search Company has the right to decline the banner if it is not appropriate or in good taste.  We will be the judge...

Please note that this contest in nearly two decades old.  It is very possible that it has expired.

Thank you for using the Apparel Search website.