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Foss Manufacturing Company : Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC. is a vertically integrated producer of engineered, non-woven fabrics and specialty synthetic fibers. As one of the world's largest needle-punch based manufacturers, Foss is a well known leader and pioneer in the use of synthetic fibers in an ever-expanding number of manners, environments and circumstances.

Polymer Group Inc. (PGI) is a leading global engineered materials company, focused primarily on the production of nonwovens for the hygiene, wipes, medical, and industrial markets. More than 3,000 employees worldwide power the company’s purpose – to be the premiere partner of choice for companies seeking innovative products that simply perform better and offer superior value. PGI achieves this by delivering exceptional customer service and innovative solutions that help their clients succeed.

Shieldex-U.S. is a manufacturer and developer of plated textiles and yarns of the highest quality. It is a solely owned USA company with operations in Palmyra, NY and Beijing, China. Shieldex-U.S. is one of the few U.S. companies exporting throughout the world its products of electrically conductive fibers and fabrics. The company is a woman's owned company, listed on CCR and many of its products are sold on the GSA listing. Since 1997 the company has operated as the sole sales arm of Statex products in the Americas and sells in 72 countries throughout the world. Many of our products are used in EMI gaskets, conductive tapes, shielding cable wrap, curtains, RF shielded tents, shielded pouches, grounding planes, resistance heating, antimicrobial wound care, and antiscent garments.

Surya Textech : they manufacture High Quality Spunbond Fabric with the latest state of art technology. The manufacturing of Spunbond Non Woven Fabric involves a continuous process, which convert thermoplastic raw material (polypropylene) into a web composed of continuous filament. Spunbond is highly versatile and meets the needs of diverse range of products, and is fast replacing traditional fabrics. Spunbond is safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable to use Their goal is to supply immaculate quality of non woven fabrics to gain the trust of their national and international customers.

Vita Nonwovens : With over 90 sites in 24 countries, The Vita Group prides itself on working with their customers to provide them with innovative, quality products. Our aim is simple - to be the best in all the markets in which we operate. As a part of the Vita Group, Vita Nonwovens embodies this mission by providing you with a range of innovative nonwoven products and giving you unparalleled customer service in order to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.  Each Vita Nonwovens facility encompasses innovation through engineering and implementation of some of the most technical and state-of-the-art production processes in the industry. Vita specializes in engineered applications utilizing nonwoven thermal bonded and mechanically entangled technologies. Each facility provides advanced measurement and accuracy through detailed controls and expert personnel, placing Vita Nonwovens at the forefront of quality aspects like: web density, thickness accuracy, blending and polymer science, permeability, absorption, and insulation.

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