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Fountain Set Holdings Limited : Fountain Set operates several cotton spinning mills in China and is one of the world’s largest buyers of ring-spun cotton yarn. Their long-standing reputation and credibility guarantee that they always enjoy steady supply of the best quality cottons from global cotton suppliers. In other words, as their customers, you will also be guaranteed to enjoy the best quality cotton fabrics of the world.  Fountain Set operates the following cotton spinning mills:

  • Jiangmen Hui Lian Textile Company Limited

  • Shaoguan City Huiye Textile Limited

  • Kaiping Hui Hua Textiles Limited

Frontier Spinning Mills : Frontier Spinning Mills is one of the largest producers of spun yarns for the knitting and weaving industries in the world. Offering a diverse product line to fulfill demands of customers worldwide, they have perfected their spinning processes by applying state-of-the-art automated technology and innovation to every phase of their yarn manufacturing process. They are recognized worldwide as the industry leader for spun yarns due to their continued focus on product quality and their commitment to extraordinary customer service.

Sri Kannapiran Mills Limited, the flagship company of US$ 250 million KG Group, is a leading producer of 100% cotton yarn matching the world's most stringent quality standards. Incorporated in 1946, the company presently has two open end and two ring spun yarn units that are equipped with modern, state-of-the-art machinery supplied by world giants and produces 83 tons of cotton yarn every day which feed both domestic and international markets.  With a spindlage capacity of 41000, the two ring spun units produce 25 tons of yarn everyday in the count range of 3s to 120s in both combed and carded quality. With 8900 rotors, the two open end units produce 58 tons of yarn everyday in the count range of 1s to 24s. Specialised yarns viz. Gassed Mercerised, Slub (Ring Spun & Open End), Uneven, Multicount, Parallel, Neppy, Belcoro, Wavy, Soft twist, Zero twist, Zero pill, Cotton Lycra Core Spun, Compact, Bamboo, Indigo dyed and Dyed yarns manufactured in various counts are exported to almost all countries across the world.

Usman Limited : Established in 1989, situated at Hub Industrial Estate, it is the jewel in the group's crown. For over a decade, the name Usman Limited has stood for the best & the finest. Clients, the world over, affirm and solicit its products. Equipped with a world-class, state-of-the-art spindle-plant having more than 19,040 spindles, its yearly production stands at nearly 4.98 million kg of high quality yarn. An annual turnover of over 552 million rupees & 99 percent of global exports, Usman Limited is making moves that will keep it ahead tomorrow and beyond. Technological advances, production capacity build-ups, customer driven responsiveness, rigid quality control plus a long-term vision are the key factors to its exceptional growth and an ever-increasing market sway. It is all part of the drive to stretch for global success. Usman Limited now produces approximately 4.9 million kg of Yarn, viz:

  • Ring Spun, Knitting & Weaving, 100% Cotton Carded Yarn

  • Counts No. 07/1, 10/1, 16/1, 20/1, 30/1, 40/1, 52/1, 66/1, others

  • Brand Name: Matterhorn (Weaving & Knitting)

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