AS FOUR :  Sunday, 26 October 2003

The young design team, self-named AS FOUR, commenced Fashion Week's proceedings at Smashbox Studios in Culver City with an adventurous collection of futuristic, clingy bodysuits all twisted, pinned, warped and wrapped.  With heads, arms and feet completely wrapped this design team listed lightness and ease as their chief inspiration, and asked us to consider a new way of living lightness in the future planet of style.

There were several Kawakubo-influenced pod-like sculptures in lightweight linens, lots of asymmetrical tailoring and even a few Grecian-inspired Old Hollywood looks with gold brocade, loungewear caftans and sequined camouflage capes. 

the show challenged collective notions of What we wear and Why we wear it.  After all, if Hollywood's Blade Runner fantasy becomes reality, we fashionistas may all be wearing these shimmery mummy-suits in LA by 2019.

LA Fashion October 2003

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