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October 2013 Summary: Joe's Jeans Inc. (Joe's Jeans) is engaged in designing, developing and marketing its Joe's products, which include denim jeans, related casual wear and accessories. The Company sells its products to numerous retailers, which include department stores, specialty stores and distributors worldwide, and through its retail stores. Joe's primary operating subsidiary is Joe's Jeans Subsidiary Inc. Joe's Jeans operates in two primary business segments: Wholesale and Retail. Its Wholesale segment consists of sales to retailers, specialty stores and distributors. Also some international sales are made directly to wholesale customers who operate retail stores. Its Retail segment consists of sales to consumers through full-price retail stores, outlet stores and through the Internet site. In September 2011, it opened its second store in the Middle East.  In October 2013, the Company acquired Hudson Clothing Holdings, Inc.

Historical Reference Only: Joe's Jeans Inc. through its subsidiaries Innovo Inc., Innovo Azteca Apparel, Inc. and Joe's Jeans, is a sales and marketing organization designing and selling craft, accessory and apparel products to the retail and premium markets.  The Company's craft products include canvas and denim totebags and aprons.  The Company's accessory product line is comprised of such products as licensed and non-licensed backpacks, totebags, waist packs and handbags.  The company's apparel products consist of knit shirts and women's high-end denim jeans and knit shirts featuring the Joe's brand.  October 2007: Innovo Group Obtains Approval to Acquire Joe's Jeans and to Change Its Name to Joe's Jeans Inc. at Annual Shareholder Meeting.

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