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February 2020 Summary: What happens if you put 200 years of experience, over 500 global patents and around 3,300 employees in 30 locations together? Right, the best possible service for our global pulp and paper customers. Xerium Technologies and ANDRITZ Kufferath, will now operate under the division "ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls", covering the former Xerium product brands Huyck, Wangner, Weavexx, Stowe Woodward, Mount Hope, and JJ Plank-Spencer Johnston in addition to the Kufferath brands. Discover how our combined global synergies, innovative products and services can deliver your unique ENGINEERED SUCCESS.

October 2013 Summary:  Xerium Technologies, Inc. is a global manufacturer and supplier of two types of consumable products used primarily in the production of paper clothing and roll covers. The Company markets its products through industry-recognized brands, such as Huyck Wangner, Weavexx, Stowe Woodward, Mount Hope, Robec and Xibe. The Company operates in two segments: clothing and roll covers. The Company's clothing segment products include various types of industrial textiles used on paper-making machines and other industrial applications. Through the Company's roll covers segment, it manufactures various types of roll covers, refurbish previously installed roll covers, provide mechanical services for the internal mechanisms of rolls used on paper-making machines and manufacture spreader rolls. The Company had 31 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries, located in the paper-producing regions of North America, Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific.

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