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rabato a wide lace-edged collar of the early 17th century often stiffened to stand high at the back

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Involves a chip with an antenna that when activated by a reader, can sendor receive information. It has several advantages over bar codes, foremost that it can be read with out a line of sight to an item, making it much easier to get automated reads and to do so in large quantities instead of one by one. Placing a reader at the entrance to a distribution center, a stockroom, or even a trash compactor will make tracking goods easier and more automated.

raglan  a loose overcoat with raglan sleeves

raincoat a coat of waterproof or water-resistant material

rainwear waterproof or water-resistant clothing

rajah (trade name)   made from a tussah silk or certain silk wastes.  It belongs to the pongee family of silks.   Made from irregular yarns, so has slubs and irregularities but thicker than shantung.  It is rather compact and strong.  Has a pebble-like feel and appearance.  Comes in all colors as well as natural ecru shades, but often warp and filling are different colors (irridescent effect).

ramie (pronounced Ray-me) fabric made of ramie, often resembling linen or silk. [ramie is the strong lustrous bast fiber of the ramie plant (an Asian perenial of the nettle family) that is capable of being spun or woven.]   Ramie is one of the oldest vegetable fibers and has been used for thousands of years.  It was used for Chinese burial shrouds over 2,000 years ago, long before cotton was introduced in the Far East.  Ramie is classified chemically as a cellulose fiber, just as cotton, linen, and rayon. Leading producers of ramie are China, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines and Brazil.  Ramie is a natural woody fibre resembling flax.  Also known as rhea and China grass, it is obtained from a tall shrub grown in South-east Asia.  China, Japan, and southern Europe.  The fibre is stiff, more brittle than linen, and highly lustrous.  It can be bleached to extreme whiteness.  Ramie fibres are long and very fine.   They are white and lustrous and almost silklike in appearance.  The strength of ramie is excellent and varies from 5.3 to 7.4 grams per denier.  Elastic recovery is low and elongation is poor.  Ramie lends itsef to general processing for textile yarns, but its retting operation is difficult and costly, making the fibre unprofitable for general use.  When combed, ramie is half the density of linen, but much stronger, coarser, and more absorbent.  It has permanent luster and good affinity for dyes; it is affected little by moisture.  Ramie is used as filling yarn in mixed woolen fabrics, as adulteration with silk fibres, and as a substitute for flax.  The China-grass cloth use by the Chinese is made of Ramie.  This fibre is also useful for rope, twine, and nets.  

ratin a rough bulky fabric usually woven loosely in plain weave from ratin yarns, namely nubbly ply yarns of various fibers made by twisting under tension a thick and thin yarn.

ratteen a coarse woolen fabric.

raw denim

rayon  (viscose)  a fabric made from rayon, namely any of a group of smooth textile fibers made from regenerated cellulose by extrusion through minute holes.  A manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose in which substituents have replaced not more than 15 percent of the hydrogens of the hydroxyl group.

rebozo a long scarf worn chiefly by Mexican women

red  a color whose hue resembles that of blood or of the ruby or is that of the long-wave extreme of the visible spectrum.

reddish  tinged w/ red.

redingote a fitted outer garment such as a double-breasted coat with wide flat cuffs and collar worn by 18th century men; a woman's lightweight coat open at the front; a dress with a front gore of contrasting material

Reece pocket  An inset pocket with the both lips finished by an upstanding welt that may be from 3/8
to 1" wide.  One lip pockets are called 'welt pockets'

reefer a close-fitting usually double-breasted jacket or coat of thick cloth.

reflective  specialty ink or transfers that are generally used for safety applications.  Reflective material reflects a bright image back at the source of light.  A wonderful application for Children's clothing.  The Apparel Search Company thinks that it should be a requirement on Children's outerwear and shoes.

regimentals a regimental uniform; military dress

rep or repp   a plain-weave fabric with prominant rounded crosswise ribs.  Has a pronounced narrow cylindrical rib in the filling direction - less distinct than bengaline; more distinct than poplin. Sometimes a very distinct rib is alternated with a small rib.  It is similar to poplin but heavier in cotton.  Can be dyed, printed, or white.  Frays badly.   Difficult to press (may flatten rib).

reseda   a grayish green color.

resin coating is a finishing technique that gives jeans a rigid, crinkled look and feel.

retail   Retailers are defined as those establishments that sell merchandise, generally without transformation, and attract customers using methods such as advertising, point-of-sale location, and display of merchandise. A store retailer has a selling place open to the public; merchandise on display or available through sales clerks; facilities for making cash or credit card transactions; and services provided to retail customers.  Retailers also sell online (via the internet).

retail price price set for items sold to the general public. The last mark-up in the cost to bring an item to a particular consumer store. Please note, many items will have a suggested retail price set by a manufacturer. This price does in no way constitute a products' value as "suggested retail prices" are often overlooked by retailers and priced according to market and/or trends. (definition provided by Robert Cyr at RLC Trading)

reticule a woman's drawstring bag used especially as a carryall

ribbon  a flat or tubular narrow closely woven fabric (as of silk or rayon) used for trimmings or knitting.

ring a circlet usually of precious metal worn on the finger

ringspun fabrics

rise the pant rise is important because it determines where your pants sit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline. When measuring a pant, you should take both the front rise and back rise measurements. The “front rise” of a pant is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam (right between your legs) to the top of the waistband. The “back rise” is similar to the front rise, but should be measured from the crotch seam to the top of the back waistband.

rivet metal tack or burr originally invented by Mr. Levi (Levi's) for securing the pocket sides.

rivire a necklace of precious stones, as diamonds

RN #  stands for Registered Identification Number. It is a number issued by the FTC to U.S. businesses that manufacture, import, distribute, or sell products covered by the Textile, Wool, and Fur Acts. Businesses can use this number on product labels in lieu of the company name.

roan  the color of a roan horse, especially when red.

robe a long flowing outer garment, especially one used for ceremonial occasions or as a symbol of office or profession; a loose garment, as a bathrobe, for informal wear especially at home

robe de chambre dressing gown

rochet  a white linen vestment resembling a surplice with close-fitting sleeves worn especially by bishops and privileged prelates

roller skate  a shoe with a set of wheels attached for skating over a flat surface

roman collar clerical collar

romper a garment especially for children with the lower part shaped like bloomers [Usually used in plural]

roquelaure  a knee-length cloak worn especially in the 18th and 19th centuries

rose  a variable color averaging a moderate purplish red.

rose pink  a moderate pink.

roseate  resembling a rose, especially in color.

roundabout a short close-fitting jacket worn by men and boys especially in the 19th century

roundelle A donut shaped fabric stuffed head dress worn with a veil by women in the 14th and 15th Centuries. 

royal blue  a vivid purplish blue.

royal purple  a dark reddish purple.

ruana a woolen covering resembling a poncho

rubber  a rubber overshoe

rubious  red, ruby.

ruby  the dark red color of the ruby.

ruche (or ruching) a decorative strip, edge or trim piece of gathered, pleated, fluted, ruffled or frilled fabric on a garment Or, a pleating or gathering of cloth on a garment or drapes.

ruddy  red, reddish.

rufescent reddish.

ruff a large round collar of pleated muslin or linen worn in the late 16th and early 17th centuries

ruffle  a strip of frilled or closely pleated fabric used for trimming or decoration. 

rufous  reddish.

russet  a variable color averaging a strong brown.  Coarse homespun usually reddish brown cloth.

rust  a strong brown.

rusty  of the color rust.  A mixture between orange, red, and brown. Yes, this word is relevant to the fashion industry. All color is relevant to fashion.

Textile Glossary

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