Influencing the Fashion Industry

What is the best way for consumers to influence the fashion industry?

Buying power is king. Even though some designers believe that they are capable of dictating the market, the reality is that the market is dictated by purchases.

Consumer demand is what ultimately influences fashion designers & the garment industry in general.  Although designers wish to produce clothing based on their own vision, they can not stay in business if they are not pleasing consumers.

Although actual purchases are a primary influencing mechanism, future garment design & styles are guided by other factors as well.  Consumers voice their opinion with their wallets, but they also provide feedback in other ways.  Today many ecommerce platforms allow for consumer comment & consumer reviews.  Buyer reviews and direct communication with fashion retailers are helpful tools for consumers to make their voice heard.

In addition to direct consumers, journalism also helps influence the clothing industry.  News articles, fashion blogs, and social media play a strong role.  Author comments about brands, designers, or fashion products does have an effect on the industry.

Now a days, anyone can become a fashion blogger, use Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram to express their opinions. If used properly, utilizing such online tools can trickle up to fashion designers and effect future design decisions. If you are a fashion blogger, journalist, or social media manager, we hope that you are using your power in a wise and responsible manner.

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Influencing Fashion Industry

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