Peer to Peer Influence on Fashion

Several components act as influencers. Members of a peer group or reference group have a profound effect on consumer buying decisions and sense of style.

In addition to affecting consumer decisions, peer discussions and reviews also can sway the decisions of members of the apparel industry.

Think about the fashion designer that develops a new dress. She is so proud and walks down the hall to show her friend that works in the merchandising department. Before the designer can say a word, her friend says, "yuk, where did you find that ugly dress?". Won't that statement effect the designers opinion of the work she has just completed. Possibly she will go back to the drawing board and start again. Peer-to-peer evaluation would have altered what would be in the stores next season.

Television, magazines, friends & family, etc., all act as influencers.   Some peer-to-peer methods are subtle and others are very pushy in an overt way. Regardless of the method, it is “influence” driving us none the less.

If your peers tell you that your shirt is ugly, you may actually believe them and stop wearing that shirt. Try to tell your friends and family that they look very stylish. This will give them confidence. Obviously, if they look ridiculous, don’t let them go out looking that way… Friends don’t let friends look stupid.

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