Clutch Bags

What is a clutch?  No, not the clutch in your car.  We are talking about the clutches which are a type of bag.

Clutch Bags

A handbag which is also referenced on occasion as a purse, pouch, pocketbook, or bag is typically a small, medium, or large size bag that is often fashionably designed and used by women to hold personal items.  A clutch is a small bag that women use most often on formal occasions (but can also be used for non-formal occasions).  They are a common evening bag when a women does not require a larger bag for toting around numerous items.  The clutch bag is a woman's small handbag without handles and usually strapless (can come with detachable straps).  It is traditionally rectangular but not always.

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A clutch purse is a fashion accessory designed to be rather compact and can hold important necessities such as car keys, credit cards, mobile phones, lipstick, and a driver’s license to name a few.  This type of handbag is designed to be carried by hand as opposed to an over the shoulder bag.  However, they often come with a detachable strap so it can be carried over the shoulder or by hand.

Clutch Handbags

A clutch comes in several different styles.  It is often a handbag without handles with a detachable strap (chain strap, leather strap, etc.) or which is rectangular in shape.  Generally used as an evening bag but used during the day as well.

Clutches come in a very wide variety of shapes, fabrications, and styles.  They  vary between brands, season, and overall trends. Shapes include square, rectangle, triangles, and even heart shapes.  In addition to a wide variety of bag silhouettes, the clutch handbag can be accessorized in several ways.  They may be embellished with embroidery, bows, tassels, ribbons, printing or other decoration.

The material of the clutch bag can be leather, plastic, cloth, vinyl, etc.

Clutch Purses

The small clutch purse can be used simply as a functional way to carry important items or it can be utilized as a fashion accessory.  For example, it can add a splash of color or uniqueness to what can otherwise be considered a rather bland outfit.  Some fashionistas select a clutch color to match exactly to a dress and others will select a contrasting color.

A medium to large handbag is practical for many daily activities, but if you are looking to go to a formal event or which to travel light, a clutch handbag is a popular alternative. 

Either styled in a fresh mix of textured leathers or made out of denim fabric, the clutch bag can be a chic modern accessory to skinny jeans, jumpsuits, or a formal dress.

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You can shop for designer clutches at fine retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, & Macy's.

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