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Fashion itself is a reflection of social, economic, political and cultural changes. It expresses modernity, symbolizing the spirit of the times.

influential clothing for people that influence fashion.  The following clothing categories have an influence on the overall fashion market.  In this section you will find clothes, shoes, or fashion accessories that start with the letter "C".  Discover the most influential apparel.  There are many reasons why we buy one item of clothing and not another.  From Gucci to Versace to Balmain, charting the influence of fashion is an exciting endeavor.  Explore the following categories of clothing.


Capri Pants

Cargo Pants / Cargo Shorts

Carpenter Pants

Chambray Shirts




Clutch Bags

College Sweatshirts

Compression Shirts

Compression Shorts

Compression Socks

Concert T-shirts

Cropped Pants

Crop Tops

Cycling Clothing

Cycling Shirts

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