Cargo Shorts - nice to have extra pockets.

Cargo shorts are a short length version of the cargo pants.

Men's Cargo Shorts

Cargo pants are loosely cut pants originally designed for tough, outdoor activities, and whose design is distinguished by one or more cargo pockets.  The short pants are essentially the same, but are sewn as shorts rather than as long pants.  Some cargo pants are made with removable lower legs allowing the conversion into shorts.  This can turn a long pant into a short with general ease.  They are typically secured with zippers, but could also be buttons, Velcro, or another fastening method.  Shorts are a garment worn by both men and women over their pelvic area, circling the waist and splitting to cover the upper part of the legs, sometimes extending down to the knees but not covering the entire length of the leg. They are called "shorts" because they are a shortened version of trousers, which cover the entire leg.  Cargo shorts are cargo pants shortened at the knee.  

Men's Olive Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are a popular style of casual shorts characterized by their distinct appearance and practical design. They are typically made of durable cotton or a blend of fabrics, and their distinguishing feature is the numerous pockets located on the sides and sometimes on the thighs. These pockets are secured with flaps, buttons, or zippers, adding both a functional and aesthetic element to the shorts.

Appearance and Functionality:

Cargo shorts have a relaxed and loose-fitting design, falling just above or at the knee. The most prominent feature is the cargo-style pockets on the sides, which are often spacious and capable of holding various items, such as keys, a wallet, a phone, or other small accessories. The added pockets enhance functionality and provide a convenient way to carry essentials without the need for a bag.

In addition to the side pockets, some cargo shorts also feature back pockets and a front zippered or buttoned fly for closure. The waistband is typically equipped with belt loops, allowing for further customization and fit adjustment.

Wearing Cargo Shorts:

Cargo shorts are versatile and can be worn by men, women, and children. They are a go-to choice for many during warm weather due to their relaxed fit and utility. Men often pair them with T-shirts, polo shirts, or casual button-down shirts, while women might style them with tank tops, blouses, or casual tees. Children can wear cargo shorts with playful t-shirts or tops for a comfy and active look.

For a laid-back outfit, cargo shorts can be paired with sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops. They are suitable for a variety of casual settings, including outdoor activities, picnics, hiking, and running errands.


Practicality: The multiple pockets provide ample storage for small items, making them highly practical for those on the go.

Versatility: Cargo shorts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them a versatile choice for various settings.

Comfort: The loose fit and breathable fabric make cargo shorts comfortable and suitable for warm weather.

Ease of Movement: The loose fit allows for unrestricted movement, ideal for outdoor activities and sports.


Style Limitations: Cargo shorts are often considered casual wear, limiting their appropriateness for more formal or dressy occasions.

Overuse of Pockets: The excess pockets can sometimes lead to a bulky appearance or uneven weight distribution if filled with too many items.

Fashion Trends: Fashion trends may shift, and cargo shorts may fall in and out of favor, affecting their popularity and perception.

Cargo shorts are practical, versatile, and comfortable casual wear with distinctive features that cater to both style and functionality. They can be embraced by individuals of all ages and genders, making them a staple in many wardrobes.

If you are interested in shopping, you can often find cargo shorts at stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom, Cabellas, Old Navy, The Gap, etc.

You may want to learn more about other types of shorts such as board shorts, Bermuda shorts, running shorts, and compression shorts to name a few.

This type of short often comes in solid colors, but can also have printed designs such as camo print cargos.

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