Compression Shorts - they are supposed to fit that tightly.

Nike Compression Shorts for Women

Shorts are a garment worn by both men and women over their pelvic area, circling the waist and splitting to cover the upper part of the legs, sometimes extending down to the knees but not covering the entire length of the leg.

Women's Compression Shorts

Compression shorts and tights are undergarments usually worn by athletes. They are form-fitting garments and when worn, cover the athlete's waist to mid or lower thigh, similar to cycling shorts.

Compression shorts are also popular among female athletes, especially among those who wear skirts or kilts during games. In those situations, athletes wear compression shorts under the skirt so if they fall over and their skirts ride up, their underwear will not be exposed. This is seen particularly in women's lacrosse and field hockey (both being no-contact sports in which players often wear skirts). In this situation, compression shorts are colloquially identified as spandex shorts. Women also wear compression shorts in tennis, where, most recently, compression shorts have been produced with ball pockets for convenience. There are also women's compression shorts for use before, during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy compression shorts supports upper and lower abdominal muscles, Caesarean wounds and perineal stitches.

Compression Shorts

Benefits of compression shorts:

If you have questions regarding the potential health benefits of wearing compression clothing, please discuss with your doctor.  We are not doctors or scientists and do not have our own research regarding the benefits or non-benefits of wearing compression shorts.

Compression Clothing - Compression garments are pieces of clothing, such as socks, pantyhose, sleeves, etc., that provide support that is especially useful for people who have to stand for long periods, or people with poor circulation. The garments can come in varying degrees of compression. Compression garments worn on the legs can help prevent deep vein thrombosis and reduce swelling, especially while traveling. Compression sportswear is worn by some athletes during exercise to prevent chafing and rashes, and post-exercise to ease muscle stiffness and quicken recovery time.

Compresshion Shorts for Female Athletes

Spandex, Lycra or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber.  It is a polyester-polyurethane copolymer that was invented in 1958 by chemist Joseph Shivers at DuPont's Benger Laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia.  When introduced in 1962, it revolutionized many areas of the clothing industry.  Because of its elasticity and strength (stretching up to five times its length), spandex has been incorporated into a wide range of garments, especially in skin-tight garments. A benefit of spandex is its significant strength and elasticity and its ability to return to the original shape after stretching and faster drying than ordinary fabrics. Spandex is one of the fiber options used for compression shorts.

Shop the latest technology in men's compression shorts from the top brands such as adidas, Nike & Under Armour.  Upping your game, lengthening your run, and taking your workout to the next level may be as easy as putting on a pair of compression shorts.  Well, actually, putting on a pair of compressions may not be that easy.  The tight fit makes them not as easy to slop on as other types of athletic shorts.  Although they are not always simple to put on, athletic gear such as these may help prolong your workouts by reducing muscle fatigue, increase circulation, and potentially help with speeding up recovery times post-workout. These skin-hugging shorts are just one more way to take your fitness up a notch to the next level of performance.

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Compression shorts are good for running, but they are not the same thing as traditional running shorts.

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