The simple definition is that a mitten is a glove without individual finger openings.  The mitten is a type of glove with two sections.  One section for the thumb and the second section for the remaining four fingers (or few fingers for some carpenters). 

Burton Mittens

Mittens are sometimes referenced simply as mitts.  This type of glove comes in a wide variety of fabric choices.  They can be knit by your grandmother or come in special high performance fabrics that take advantage of technological advancements in textiles.  Either way, the primary goal of our mittens is to keep our fingers warm and dry in cold weather conditions. 

Are mittens warmer than gloves?

If we are comparing apples to apples to make sure that all things are equal such as fabric quality, thickness, insulation properties, etc. wearing mittens are warmer than gloves.  The reason is that mitts trap body heat by keeping your fingers together and reducing evaporative heat loss.  If the wearer is stuck in an extremely cold environment and does not need full dexterity at the moment, it is sometimes a good idea to pull the thumb into the main section of the glove to join in the warm fun with the other fingers.  In frigid temperatures, a layered mitt system is the best choice for warmth.


A mitten is much more than simply a garment to keep our hands warm.  Many people are blessed with memories of their caring parents giving them mittens to wear for sled riding adventures and building a snowman after those big snowstorms.  We also may have pleasant memories of wearing mittens during our snow ball fights with friends & family.   Mittens provide many good memories for many people around the world (those of us that live in cold climates).

When looking to purchase mittens, we suggest you investigate waterproof fabrics.


We love mittens.  Do you?

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