Novelty Socks

Are you looking to add a little fun to your outfit?  Novelty socks may be the way to go.

The term novelty essentially means the quality of being new, original, or unusual.  In our opinion the term should also include the word "fun".  Tossing a little fun into your wardrobe is one of the primary attributes of novelty socks.  Sure, they also keep your feet warm and dry. 

A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet and often covering the ankle and some part of the calf. Some type of shoe such as a sneaker or boot is typically worn over socks. 

Novelty socks are typically designed with bright colors, creative design work, funny text, or licensed characters.  Novelty socks are creative garments that can be inspired by movie charachters, cartoons, comic books, bands, or any other type of interesting illustration.  The colors may match your outfit, but the novelty design can possibly be the highlight of your outfit.  Let your creativity show with novel sock designs.

Novelty Socks

Fun, quirky, or down righ strange. 

Sock History:

The modern English word sock is derived from the Old English word socc, meaning "light slipper". This comes from the Latin soccus, a term to describe a "light, low-heeled shoe" worn by Roman comic actors, and deriving from the Ancient Greek word sykchos.

In ancient times, socks were made from leather or matted animal hair.  In the late 16th century, machine-knit socks were first produced.  Until 1800 both hand knitting and machine knitting were used to produce socks, but after 1800, machine knitting became the more common method.

Shop for crazy socks socks for men, women and kids and many of the retails that you buy more traditional socks.  This is a great way to let your personality shine through on what could have been a normal (potentially boring) day.

Novelty Sock Styles

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