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Standard Chinese is a standardized form of spoken Chinese based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin. It is the official language of China and Taiwan, as well as one of the four official languages of Singapore. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The written form of the standard language (中文; Zhōngwén), based on the logograms known as Chinese characters (汉字/漢字; Hànzì), is shared by literate speakers of otherwise unintelligible dialects.

Of the other varieties of Chinese, Cantonese (the prestige variety of Yue) is the principal spoken language in Hong Kong and Macau, and it is the only other variety of Chinese used in government administration. It is also influential in Guangdong province and much of Guangxi, and is widely spoken among overseas communities. Dialects of Southern Min, part of the Min group, are widely spoken in southern Fujian, with notable variants also spoken in neighboring Taiwan (Taiwanese) and in Southeast Asia (Hokkien). Hakka also has a sizeable diaspora in Taiwan and southeast Asia. Shanghainese and other Wu varieties are prominent in the lower Yangtze region of eastern China.

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服饰 Search is one of the largest and fastest growing online guide s to the Apparel & Textile Industry. 搜索 是引导一个规模最大,增长最快的在线s到服装和纺织工业。   We provide excellent resources that aid industry professionals in efficiently and effectively completing daily tasks.  Simple to follow navigation, provides viewers with easily accessible links to all apparel, fashion and textile related issues.  Hyperlinks reach Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Freight Companies, Customs, Warehousing, Quality Standards, Education / Training, Trade Shows, Publications, Model Agencies, News, Employment etc... 我们将提供一流的资源,援助行业的专业人士在有效地完成日常任务。易于遵守航行,到达观众提供方便的联系,与所有的服装,时装及纺织相关的问题。超连结制造商 批发商 零售商 运输公司 海关 仓储 质量标准 教育/培训 贸易展览 出版 模特儿 新闻 就业等.. is a business to business database that which covers all aspects of the Clothing Industry.  This unique service is achieved through the use of cutting edge computer technology and a global computer network. Our online database is the industries premier buyers guide. 是数据库业务,业务涵盖制衣业的所有方面。这种独特的服务是通过网络上使用的最先进的计算机技术和全球性的计算机。 我们的在线数据库是业界首屈一指的采购指南。

Apparel Search is committed to maintaining its leadership role in the Apparel Industry. Maintaining top position will be achieved through continued financial re-investment as well as immense dedication to the content of the site.  Due to our willingness to re-invest resources, we will continue to outperform all industry standards. 服装搜索 是致力于保持其在服装行业的领导作用。保持领先地位将通过持续的财政再投资,以及巨大的奉献给网站内容的。由于我们愿意重新投入资源,我们将继续超过所有行业的标准。

Apparel Search is the industry leader and we are determined to continue in this "fashion" (no pun intended).  We utilize consultants possessing well over 70 years of combined experience in the Apparel Industry.  As a result we are getting bigger & better by the day... 服装搜索 是行业领导者,我们决心继续在这个"时尚"(没有双关语意)。利用我们的顾问拥有超过服装行业70多年的综合经验。因此,我们正变得越来越好了大&天...

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Chinese is a group of related, but in many cases mutually unintelligible, language varieties, forming a branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. Chinese is spoken by the Han majority and many other ethnic groups in China. Nearly 1.2 billion people (around 16% of the world's population) speak some form of Chinese as their first language. The varieties of Chinese are usually described by native speakers as dialects of a single Chinese language, but linguists note that they are as diverse as a language family.[a] The internal diversity of Chinese has been likened to that of the Romance languages, but may be even more varied. There are between 7 and 13 main regional groups of Chinese (depending on classification scheme), of which the most spoken by far is Mandarin (about 960 million), followed by Wu (80 million), Min (70 million), and Yue (60 million). Most of these groups are mutually unintelligible, although some, for example like Xiang and certain Southwest Mandarin dialects, may share common terms and some degree of intelligibility. All varieties of Chinese are tonal and analytic.

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