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服飾 Search is one of the largest and fastest growing online guide s to the Apparel & Textile Industry. 搜索 其中一個最大和增長最快的在線指導文藝工作的服裝和紡織工業。   We provide excellent resources that aid industry professionals in efficiently and effectively completing daily tasks.  Simple to follow navigation, provides viewers with easily accessible links to all apparel, fashion and textile related issues.  Hyperlinks reach Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Freight Companies, Customs, Warehousing, Quality Standards, Education / Training, Trade Shows, Publications, Model Agencies, News, Employment etc... 我們將提供一流的資源,援助行業的專業人士在有效地完成日常任務。易於遵守航行,與觀眾提供方便的聯繫, 所有服裝,時裝及紡織相關的問題。超鏈接到製造商 批發商 零售商 運輸公司 海關 倉儲 質量標準 教育/培訓 貿易展覽 出版 模特兒 新聞 就業等.. is a business to business database that which covers all aspects of the Clothing Industry.  This unique service is achieved through the use of cutting edge computer technology and a global computer network. Our online database is the industries premier buyers guide. 是企業對企業數據庫,涵蓋各個方面的製衣業。這種獨特的服務是通過使用先進的計算機技術和全球計算機網絡。 我們的在線數據庫是業界首屈一指的採購指南。

Apparel Search is committed to maintaining its leadership role in the Apparel Industry. Maintaining top position will be achieved through continued financial re-investment as well as immense dedication to the content of the site.  Due to our willingness to re-invest resources, we will continue to outperform all industry standards. 服裝搜索 致力於保持其領導作用,在服裝行業。保持領先地位將通過持續的財政再投資以及巨大貢獻的內容的網站。由於我們願意重新投入資源,我們將繼續超過所有行業的標準。

Apparel Search is the industry leader and we are determined to continue in this "fashion" (no pun intended).  We utilize consultants possessing well over 70 years of combined experience in the Apparel Industry.  As a result we are getting bigger & better by the day... 服裝搜索 是行業領導者,我們決心繼續在這個"時尚"(沒有雙關語意)。利用我們的顧問擁有超過70年的經驗相結合的服裝產業。因此我們得到更大和更好的天...

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Please note that Apparel Search does NOT guarantee the accuracy of any of the translations.  Please utilize translations at your own risk.
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