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  Apparel British Columbia Association: is a self-sustaining, member-driven association with the mandate to enhance and strengthen the viability of the British Columbia apparel industry in a competitive and global environment through advocacy, marketing, education, mentorship, liaison and the setting of ethical standards.

  Association of Garments and Textile Exporters in Bulgaria (AGTEB): Provides information on Bulgarian apparel and textile manufacturers.  The Association of garments and textile exporters in Bulgaria (AGTEB) was founded in 1998 in an effort to raise the voice of the Bulgarian apparel and textile producers in and outside the country and to increase their global awareness.  Address: Sofia  1124 Bulgaria 

  British Glove Association: The British Glove Association (BGA) was formed in 1998 as a result of a merger of two trade associations, the National Association of Glove Manufacturers and the Glove Guild of Great Britain, to represent every area of the British glove industry as a single voice.  Its main aims are the promotion of all types of gloves including fashion, uniform, sport and leisure, household and safety gloves, and to be the principal representative for the glove trade with government departments, national organisations and related trades.  Its promotional activities include the Student Design Awards for fashion, sports and safety gloves.  Members include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, importers, raw material suppliers, designers, sales agents and even individuals with an interest in gloves and gloving.

  Children's Apparel Manufacturing Association (CAMA): nonprofit representing Canadian children's wear manufacturers and importers.

  Garment Industry Development Center (GIDC) [New York] The Garment Industry Development Corporation is a non profit organization established in 1984 by the City of New York, The Garment Workers' Union (now UNITE HERE!), and the New York Skirt & Sportswear Association to strengthen New York City's apparel industry.  The GIDC has evolved into a multi-tiered service organization providing marketing, buyer referrals, training and technical assistance to New York apparel manufacturers and workers.  They assist to help match designers and brand label developers meet NYC's high quality garment manufacturers.

Korea Federation of Textile Industries: KOFOTI was founded in 1967 to contribute to long-term development of the textile industry as well as advancement of the national economy. It has been performing a leading role in the development of the textile industry and the national economy for the last 30 years. The Korean textile industry has been faithfully fulfilling its roles as a key national industry, achieving considerable growth to account for 41% of total exports in 1971. The industry made a remarkable achievement in 1987 when it became the first in Korea to record exports of 10 billion dollars. However, the Korean textile industry has recently been experiencing much difficulty, owing to rapid advancement of developing countries and heightened competition in the global textile market, attributable to the end of a quota system.

  TIGSAD Lingerie Industrialist Association,

National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (Naumd): The NAUMD is the association for the uniform and image apparel industry. Their membership is composed of the entire uniform supply chain: distributors – manufacturers – fabric mills & associated suppliers.

  North American Fur Auction North American Fur Auctions' principal business is the sale of raw fur pelts at public auction. The pelts are received on consignment from producers of ranched raised furs and harvesters of wild furs. The fur pelts are sold to fur garment manufacturers and fur pelt dealers worldwide. The Company is the largest fur auction house in North America, and the third largest fur auction in the world. Fur consignments are sorted according to size, shade, color and quality, and offered for sale at public auction or by private treaty. Auctions are conducted four or five times each year, in Toronto, Canada. Attendance at auctions is international, with representation from North America's major fur markets of New York, Montreal and Toronto, European centres in the U.K., Italy, Germany and Greece, along with Russia and the Baltic countries, and Asian markets of China, Korea and Japan. Customer support is drawn from the fur manufacturing and merchandising communities, who may be represented by brokers or agents. The company currently handles approximately 2.3 million North American ranch mink; 1 million European ranch mink; North American ranch fox; farmed chinchilla; and all varieties of Canadian and U.S. wild fur, including beaver, raccoon, sable, muskrat, wild mink, otter, red fox, and coyote.

  Southern Textile Association The Southern Textile Association, Inc., established in 1908, is a nonprofit organization for individuals in the textile and related industries with a common interest in all phases of textile manufacturing.

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