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Lost Apparel Industry Companies  Technology

fashion directory  7 Orcas Software Limited: Style is a business system designed specifically for apparel.  It facilitates the creation and processing of sales orders, purchase orders and stock control. Added to its base system, Style includes higher level processes such as price calculations, sales order planning, finished and raw goods requirements planning, reporting and analysis tools and critical path management. Style is configurable. Multiple companies, warehouses, languages, currencies and documentation formats are possible. Many of the default processing rules can easily be amended to suit changing business situations. Address: Wellington, New Zealand

fashion directory  Accelerated Computer Technologies, Inc. (ACT): Solutions for both large and small companies  Integrated infrastructure systems are among the most difficult to create, install and support. ACT mastered this environment before expanding into any other areas of system design and development.  The Business Management System allows you to manage all aspects of the front office (EDI and Order Entry) to the material planning stages (MRP and Purchasing) to Work In Process (Production Scheduling and Contractor Control) through the warehouse and shipping (Inventory Control, Shipping and EDI). Accounting modules also exist.  Data will seamlessly flow through EDI and Order Entry to Inventory Control and Production Scheduling. From there you can make important purchasing decisions for finished goods, fabric or trim. Upon receipt of your work in process, you will be able to watch this information move to the completion of customer orders through picking tickets, bar code scanning and printing, invoicing and EDI. 

fashion directory  Advanced Systems Integration:  Advanced Systems Integration (ASI) is a Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) Partner with over 15 years of experience delivering comprehensive enterprise-wide resource planning solutions that improve customer relations, enable lean manufacturing, enhance partner collaboration, optimize product planning and create efficiencies across RFID-enabled supply chains.  ASI's Apparel Footwear Solution for Microsoft Dynamic AX gives customers a scalable, flexible solution with rapid return on investment and superior integration to Microsoft server and desktop products. Advanced Systems Integration is specifically recognized by Microsoft as the proven Dynamics AX partner for the fashion (apparel/textile) industry.  Address 26449 Rancho Parkway South, Lake Forest CA 92630 Phone (949) 597-2170 Fax (949) 597-0720 E-mail info@advancedsystemsintegration.com Contact: Jeff Onesto

fashion directory  AMS Inc.: Makers of CUTPLAN cut order planning software for apparel manufacturers. CUTPLAN optimizes marker selection, marker sizes, and marker heights to arrive at the best possible spread plan for your manufacturing costs. Currently saves 2-8% of annual fabric costs for over 60 global manufacturing leaders. 100% customized installations.

fashion directory  ANT USA Inc. is the leading provider of off-the-shelf merchandise and assortment planning and merchandise reporting solutions to the retailing industry, including software for the established market leaders, as well as the independent retail chains. Buyer's Toolbox customers include Restoration Hardware, Hallmark Cards, Nautica Retail, Textyle World, Strandbags Group, Ashley Stewart, Samsonite Europe, Encuentro Moda, Value Music, and The National Trust. The Buyer's Toolbox solution challenges accepted benchmarks with easy planning methods, better planning results, faster implementation cycles and lower cost of ownership.

fashion directory  ApparelArc: ApparelArc is a Japanese company with excellent management and technology.  They provide wonderful resources for medium to large size apparel & textile companies.  ApparelArc is a part of NTTC the leading telecommunications company in Japan.  In fact, NTTC is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the entire world.  You should definitely take time to check out their product and service offering.  You can visit them online or give them a call.

fashion directory  ApparelSoftware: ASW Apparel Software is for companies which Import or Manufacturer Apparel and/or soft goods.

fashion directory  Artex (United Kingdom): Text Style is a design software which enables fashion design, textile, fabrics and any industry that uses digital print to create new designs from digital artwork.  Artext is based in London, United Kingdom. Specialist in creative graphics, motion graphics, print and all things design.  Artext is the name give to a new powerful format which allows you to convert full color photos and images in color text. What makes Artext unique is that you are able to input any message you want. Once converted to the Artext format, the result is in text format which looks like the original photo, but becomes a readable version with your thoughts and words.

fashion directory  ASAP Apparel Software: AS/aP Apparel Manufacturing and Accounting software is a totally integrated, modular system running in Windows (95, 98, NT) since 1983.  Their newest release is in Visual FoxPro and includes: classical accounting modules, custom application development, customer service, cut order scheduling, EDI interfaces, material and cutting requirements planning, material utilization, order allocation, order configurator, piecework (incentive) payroll, production control and scheduling, quality assurance module, query maker for ad hoc reports, screen printing and embroidery scheduling, and much more.

fashion directory  Aspire2 (United Kingdom): Developers of software for needle-works and embroidery design and production. Demo downloads.  List of trade shows. Links to stitch designers' sites.

fashion directory  Astor Technologies: Astor Technologies is a Cad manufacturer based in India offering solutions in the areas of Digitizing, Pattern creation, Grading and Marking systems.  They have also tied up with leading manufacturers for supply of Digitizers, plotters, spreaders and CNC cutters. Astor has a number of installations in India and one of the leading players in the field. 

Auction Broker: Since 1995, Auction Broker Software has been leading the charge in Internet-based dynamic pricing software, covering the complete spectrum of styles including: Forward, Reverse, Liquidation, Yankee, Haggler, English, Vickrey, 10-Minute, Private, Express, Multi-seller, B2B, B2C, C2C, fixed price, Buy Now, etc.

fashion directory  Baywood Technologies:  Baywood Technologies is a leading provider of customized business software applications and services, specializing in the development and implementation of software applications for a variety of industries including visitor Information Management, Forest Products, Facility Maintenance, and Business Solutions. Baywood Technologies provides procurement and accounting, scalehouse and land management software applications for forest products; comprehensive facility maintenance applications to commercial facilities. They also host Baywood University, your onsite, instructor-led national education program, which offers a curriculum ranging from introductory classes to advanced, covering legacy, database, client/server and Internet technologies.

Beltek : Define your routes, customers, driver schedules and much more. You will have all the critical data you need at your fingertips when you need it.  BelTek Systems Design Inc. is a leading global supplier of automated and wireless solutions for the automation and management of mobile sales and service teams.

fashion directory  Blue Fox  Blue Fox (NedGraphics / Porini): Blue Fox is the first and only global provider of integrated specialized design, production and planning software for the textile and apparel industry. Furthermore, Blue Fox is the largest distributor of design software for engineering applications and a leading producer of geographic information systems software in the Benelux. In addition, Blue Fox specializes in the recruitment, selection, secondment, supervision and further training of computer-aided design and engineering specialists. The oldest Blue Fox company has more than 37 years of experience in developing dedicated software for textile and apparel manufacturing. Products designed and produced with the aid of Blue Fox software are present every day of people's lives everywhere in the world. Either in the form of fashion items, accessories, carpets, or other woven materials, but also in the form of architectural structures, machines and appliances, roads, bridges, waterways, etc. Textile and Apparel Software Spread across the globe, thousands of studios specialized in textile and fashion design are using NedGraphics software to create, visualize and present their work. Thousands of textile and fashion product manufacturers are using Blue Fox software to operate their production machines. More and more companies operating in the global textile and apparel industry are beginning to use Porini Enterprise Resource Planning software in order to further improve their efficiency. Blue Fox employs about 340 staff worldwide. Software development activities are concentrated in three locations: Vianen (the Netherlands), Lomazzo (Italy) and Bucharest (Romania). Consultancy services, sales and support activities are carried out locally through a global network of 18 regional offices and agents in 35 different countries.

fashion directory  Bluewater Software:  Bluewater Software provides web-based PLM SRM ERP Software for American Apparel Companies based on Microsoft .NET technology. The companies DeSL line of software are extremely configurable and can meet the needs of most companies "out of the box" without requiring expensive and time-consuming customizations.

fashion directory  C.D. Ward and Associates : Supplier of Microknit CAD/cAM systems for Fully Fashioned, Blanket and Shaped V-bed knitted garments. The software links into various knitting

fashion directory  Computer Systems International:  Drycleaning software, garment tracking, uniform rental system, pricing and check out.

fashion directory  CORESense, Inc. is a leading provider of on-demand, retail software solutions that enable small to mid-sized retailers to compete and win against big box retailers. Successful retailers across multiple specialty retail markets including wine, footwear and accessories, sporting goods, fashion and apparel, books, electronics and others are leveraging CORESense's products to streamline operations, connect with customers and grow sales across ecommerce and retail store channels. The CORESense On-Demand Retail Management Software solution is the first and only retail management software solution that enables small to mid-sized retailers to manage their entire retail business from brick-and-mortar retailing to ecommerce to back office operations all in one reliable and affordable system. The CORESense solution wraps point of sale, store operations, multi-channel ecommerce, merchandising, order management, and customer relationship management software around a centralized product, customer and inventory database providing retailers with a real-time view of their customers and their business. CORESense supports its customers with responsive and insightful implementation and account services teams dedicated to helping them become a more competitive and successful retailer.

fashion directory  Cyber Merchants Exchange: web based software to create efficiencies for retailers to source and finance international purchases.

fashion directory  Designer Pro Apparel Editions (Weebmeister Medientechnologie): The individual request and ordering of a product is more than just defining width, height, font and color. They are convinced that their long term experiences with online ordering systems will pay off for you. Their software allows a wide range of data creation Exact positioning and rotation of Letterings Vector data like clipart Images, e.g. Company logos Free and palette based color selection to suit your customers needs Breadth taking three dimensional real-time preview of the individualized product. Immediate electronic submission of the design in standard file formats SVG and PDF Web-based, no additional installation necessary with an existing standard java installation.  Platform independent, supports the following operating systems and browser.

fashion directory  DesignSew.com - Designer Pattern Studio iS.v5i / DS.v45i: Design the future of apparel design, creative designer suite for making & drafting patterns for personal or commercial textiles or handmade products & apparel, crafts or home studio sewing including PDM, PLM, CAD, SCM, EDI . Digitize Patterns, enter Designs and the software will resize/digitize or grade the pattern slopers to the target measurement. Software is a complete Pattern Design & Drafting Studio on the Internet and on your Desktop PC. Patterns are formatted into PDFs and sent to your Email for printing or sewing or send the pattern to your favorite sewist or textile producer as 'Virtual Patterns'  Address:  Nanaimo BC, V9T5A9

fashion directory  Entel Systems: PC-based production control for apparel manufacturing.

fashion directory  eOneGroup: they are a premier developer of Internet eCommerce software and integration services, specializing in providing real-time Internet access to the backend processes and data structures already in place in your company.  Their expertise encompasses all facets of the interactive web content arena, from feature-rich on-line shopping applications to enterprise-level web integration.

fashion directory  ERPWire: an article website which offers useful and informative articles on Enterprise Resource Planning.  This is not a site meant exclusively for software professionals and business analysts. This portal is an information hub aimed at explaining the enterprise operations in depth. The jargons are used contextually and in helping the user to understand the subject right from the scratch. There are several rich features in the site apart from the knowledge imparted. Some of the topics throw critical analysis that helps the user (even if he is a layman to the topic) in knowing the nitty-gritty. These arguments help the user not only in knowing the latest developments but also the inherent issues bound in ERP.

fashion directory  ESC (Exact Software Company): Exact Software Company, Inc. (ECS): Apparel IT and Textile IT, their flagship products, are business information solutions designed specifically for the apparel, sewn products and textile industries. Their systems flexibility, extensive functionality and graphical user interface combine to provide the perfect enterprise platform. Exact Software has been dedicated to developing industry solutions since 1985. Their unique blend of knowledge, experience and a commitment to the success of their customers has consistently resulted in software applications that keep pace with the ever-changing and evolving industry that they serve. Address: Chadds Ford Pennsylvania 19317 USA

Their offering includes the following fully integrated sub-systems, which may be purchased separately or packaged together based on your company's specific needs.

MANUFACTURING Raw Materials/trim/component Inventory, Purchasing, Complete Warehouse Control, Cut Planning, MRP, Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Production Tracking, Vendor Tracking, Enterprise Reporting and Analysis, Piecework Production (Real-Time or Batch), B2B, Value-Added Services Control (Embroidery, Screen Printing, Graphics) and much more.
DISTRIBUTION Customer Order Processing, EDI, Raw Material and Finished Goods Inventory w/full Warehouse Control, Extensive Sales and Order Tracking, Purchasing, Customer Service, e-Commerce, Order Allocation, Shipping, Receiving, Billing, etc.
ACCOUNTING Includes: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Financial Statements, Payroll...
VERTICAL MANUFACTURING yarn Inventory, Knit Order Processing, Knit Machine Scheduling, Knit Production Control, Greige Goods Inventory, Dye Order Processing and much more.

fashion directory  Essentus: For over 30 years, Essentus has focused on tailoring business solutions to the apparel, footwear, and soft goods industries. Worldwide, companies of all sizes have implemented Essentus' best-fit solutions, designed for the ever-changing fashion industry. Together with Essentus, manufacturers, importers and retailers are able to manage their production process, control inventory, respond faster to customers, and meet consumer demand. For further information on Essentus or Fashionchain(TM), its e-business division offering services that manage workflow across the supply chain.

fashion directory  ESS, Ltd (United Kingdom): Developers of an integrated package of software programs for the embroidery industry. Design, display, preparation, machine selection and tracking, and cost evaluation tools. Also, asbestos management software.

fashion directory  Eurostaff-Systems:  CAD/cAM systems manufacturer. WearCadfe is a grading and marker making system working on PC or MAC.  Address: Grandate 22070 Italy 

fashion directory  Exilant Consulting: EXILANT is a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) solutions to clients worldwide. They have developed a full fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package for Apparel manufacturing industry. SEAMLESS-ERP is a state of the art, browser based application created for the apparel industry. It is a fully integrated ERP solution covering all functions - merchandizing, procurement, industrial engineering, sampling, production planning, production, shipping, finance & hr. SEAMLESS has many one of a kind features - a workflow engine that enables collaboration across the company and a full fledged industrial engineering module that helps accurate CMT estimation. With a special focus on accurate costing & budget control, SEAMLESS is ideally geared to help apparel manufacturers face the current environment of rising costs and lower margins. SEAMLESS is being used by some of the more progressive apparel manufacturers in India and helps runs enterprises that range from single location 100 machine operations to multi locational operations that employ more than 15,000 workers. Their clients comment that "SEAMLESS-ERP is tailor made for Apparel Industry".  

fashion directory  fabricAD: the latest information about Computer Aided Design (CAD) for the fashion and textiles industries.

fashion directory  Fashion CAD (Australia): Fashion CAD software for computerized pattern making for the apparel and garment manufacturing industries.  FashionCAD is an integrated suite of software which includes pattern design, pattern grading, pattern detailing, pattern layout and a fully featured CAD drafting system. FashionCAD is an innovative CAD approach to pattern making which provides the flexible tools to create and modify pattern designs and to shorten the time cycle for all pattern making processes, such as grading.

fashion directory  Fashion Matters (Australia) : Fashion Matters sells and supports the complete range of color Matters Fashion and Textile CAD and Design Room software to the Apparel, Textile and General clothing Industries, fashion colleges and students throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand and Malaysia. color Matters CAD software is specific to the Fashion Industry, and is substantially easier to learn than off-the-shelf CAD software like Illustrator, Corel or Photoshop. All CM software is fully supported (telephone, fax, email and personal attendance), and is upgraded regularly, generally with the help of suggestions from our more than 6000 users in 18 countries globally. Working hand-in-hand with the most advanced and pro-active Universities and Fashion Colleges around the world also allows us to maintain close links with developments in the world of education. As a result, Students and Teachers worldwide are given priority access to our software through generous discounts. Please feel free to enquire about our products: Fashion Toolbox, CM32 Professional and DesignSpecs Workbook. Contact Name: zlem Ruiz-Hasan or Mitchell Dobelsky E-mail: admin@fashionmatters.com.au  Head Office: Fashion Matters 1st Floor, 286a Kings Way South Melbourne Vic Australia 3205 Tel: +61 3 9696 9033 Fax: +61 3 9696 9133 Australia: Fashion Matters 1st Floor, 286a Kings Way South Melbourne Vic Australia 3205 Tel: +61 3 9696 9033 Fax: +61 3 9696 9133 New Zealand: Identity Solutions Lower Ground, 79 Grafton Road, Auckland New Zealand Tel: +64 9 358 3493

fashion directory  FibPaint (France):  Developers of software for flatbed, circular and socks knitting machinery. Downloadable graphics toolbox, automatic pattern preparation, color-ways and print editor, and color design to machine conversion program.

fashion directory  Gillani: Gillani, Inc. is a pioneer in the development of synchronized supply chain management applications that facilitate the collaborative and coordinated execution of the order capture and fulfillment process. They are one of the leading providers of order fulfillment, Distribution Management and Financial Accounting solutions to many Fortune 500 and mid-market manufacturers and distributors, as well as some of the world's leading 3PL organizations.

fashion directory  GT Nexus: GT Nexus is a leading provider of global logistics and supply chain software. They help their customers create sustainable competitive advantage through superior logistics performance and global supply chain execution.   Their software enables enterprises and third party logistics providers (3PLs) to plan, optimize and manage the flow of goods and information through a single platform, from order point to final delivery, anywhere around the globe.  They accomplish this through a comprehensive and integrated offering that spans and links three critical activity areas: multi-modal transportation management, global supply chain visibility, and performance management.

fashion directory  HK Systems:  HK Systems applies extensive experience to design, deliver and support comprehensive material flow solutions. Their charter is to help companies achieve their corporate objectives with the lowest possible risk. They dependably provide appropriate solutions at the product, system and enterprise levels with the goal of yielding long term mutual rewards. Their company started as the automation arm of a midwestern Fortune 300 manufacturer in the late 1960's. After becoming a privately held company, HK Systems began a successful sequence of strategic acquisitions in the material handling industry to develop a portfolio of quality, American-made systems, software and components. Today, HK is an innovative yet conservative organization, focused on delivering complex turnkey supply chain solutions.

fashion directory  Information Systems Consultants (India): Developers of weave design software for the textile industry. On-line purchase of stripe, and check and tartan design programs.

fashion directory Infomax Corporation: has established itself as a reliable applied technology provider, specializing in solving design and pre-production problems for Garment Center businesses.

  ICICI Infotech Inc.: is part of a global technology solutions company operating in the US, Europe and Asia.  ICICI Infotech provides a wide range of IT services and solutions to retail and manufacturing organizations, through the use of seamless on-site and offshore project teams. The fashion tech product range includes a product tracking solution, quality audit process tools and a line planning application. Product Tracking is a Web-based solution offering real-time information on every step in the global supply chain. Integrated with existing systems, the solution tracks the status of each stage, from development to shipment and delivery, reducing costs and production cycle times. The scanning and packing module enables enables factories to apply industry-standard UCC128 labels to shipping cartons, scan the labels with a handheld scanner, and generate an online packing list for real time access.  Address: Edison, NJ

  InformaPlus Solutions & Consulting Inc.: InformaPlus Solutions & Consulting Inc. is a young and dynamic Canadian corporation located in the city of Montreal, Canada. Their constant growth is due to their ability to deliver sophisticated solutions while attaining their goals of customer satisfaction. The organization offers computer information system solutions and a wide variety of associated services. They offer to Apparel Manufacturer the eFactory solution. eFactory is a real-time data collection and production control solution that tracks and monitor minute by minute all operations as they occur on the shop floor. The benefits derived are numerous. Among them is the ability to raise substantially overall plant productivity.  Address: Montreal, Qc, Canada 

fashion directory  Investronica Sistemas SA / Invescol: Advanced CAD, CAM and CIM solutions and systems for the apparel, upholstery, car, aeronautics and related industries.  INVESTRONICA SISTEMAS is a Spanish company created in 1980, specializing in the development of CAD design tools (Computer Assisted Design), CAM systems (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) and CIM projects (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) for the apparel and upholstery industries, as well as for others such as automobile, aeronautics, etc.  The Company currently has Delegations and Distributors in over 50 countries, while INVESTRONICA CAD, CAM and CIM systems are present at over 6.000 client sites around the world and in all five continents.  Address: ESPA A Madrid C

  Just OnePlace Pty Ltd: Web-based collaborative PLM software solution for managing product data, product development process, and supplier relationships featuring dynamic Workflow tool for creating critical path templates, including task, alerts, triggers, and escalation notifications, applied against the development calendar. OnePlace PLM provides visibility throughout the product lifecycle process, from design to delivery. Industry-specific templates are provided for apparel, footwear, and other fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries. Their software helps with Speed Time-to-Market, Decrease Product Development Cost, Increase revenues and sell-through, Enhance visibility throughout product life-cycle, Automate ERP integration with style/size/color matrix.

  Kinetix:(Australia)  large flat-bed plotter-cutters & CAD conversion software for marking up & cutting materials.

fashion directory  Lawson Software: A fashion software solution for apparel, footwear, home textiles and accessory companies. Lawson for Fashion enables companies with complex, global supply chains, to synchronize supply and demand in real time. They deliver industry-specific solutions for companies that source, distribute, retail or manufacture apparel, footwear, home textiles, textiles and fashion accessories. Lawson provides enterprise software and service solutions in the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and service industries. Over 4,500 customers use theirsoftware throughout the world. They provide rich ERP solutions including finance, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and supply chain - complemented by solutions for human capital management, customer relationship management, business intelligence and corporate social responsibility. Many of these applications are tailored to specific industries. Their 1,700 professional consultants can help you get the most value from your Lawson software. You can work directly with us or with a network of certified partners. You can choose on-site assistance or specialized solution centers for remotely delivered services. They will focus on the software. You focus on the business. They can do a lot or a little depending on how you want to run your business.

fashion directory  Maxatec Europe: Maxatec Europe is a supplier of epos and pos systems.  Maxatec is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier of hardware and services for the POS, Auto ID and Mobile market sectors. The Company has over 35 years experience in distribution with an extensive network of resellers in the UK and Mainland Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa. A customer's experience at the point-of-sale (POS) is paramount. Customers and retailers alike need speed, reliability and increasingly, added value at the point-of-sale.  Technology now allows retailers to communicate with their customers using the POS receipt. Retailers can add logos to enhance their brand image, highlight price reductions and special offers and produce vouchers and coupons to encourage customer loyalty and additional sales.  Maxatec provides the latest printing technologies with a host of different options that are key to the needs of the modern retailer.

fashion directory  Marker Express - Computerized Pattern Management : offering computerized pattern making, grading, market making, plotting and data management services to the apparel industry.

fashion directory  Mechanix (USA): Developers of windows compatible design software for the apparel and fashion industry. Detailed program descriptions, galleries, and free demo.

fashion directory  Methods Workshop / QuickTruCost: Calculates labor cost for sewing , cutting etc.. All of Methods Workshop's proven core products are developed around a fourth generation. MTM - CoreData statistical database (Methods Time Measurement database) from which it is possible to produce a logical, accurate and consistent evaluation of method and time.

fashion directory  Moritz Embroidery Works, Inc (USA): Developers of software and systems for the computerized embroidery industry. Also, custom embroidered and screen printed promotional sportswear, and emblems, patches and logos.

fashion directory  NuMetrex line of clothes that monitor the body provides a comfortable alternative to the cumbersome heart monitoring chest straps that tend to chafe, slip and loosen during workouts. NuMetrex garments -- including the Heart Sensing Sports Bra, Cardio Shirt for Men, and Racer Tank -- offer seamless comfort combined with superior monitoring performance. They sense heart rate through stretchy fabric electrodes that are knit directly into the fabric, and send that data to a compatible wrist watch or cardio machine via a tiny transmitter that is snapped into a pocket in the garment. Launched by Textronics Inc. in December 2005, the NuMetrex Heart Sensing Sports Bra was named 2006 Sports Product of the Year by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.

  Paragon Business Systems: Paragon Business Systems develops, markets and supports complete Business Management Systems focused on the industry-specific needs of manufacturers, importers and distributors of style related products, primarily apparel and footwear

  Parker Technologies Developers of real time manufacturing software for the apparel industry.

 Patternmaker Software:

fashion directory  PC INNOVATIONS INC. Order Pro Software - Windows based program to run your mail order, internet, retail or wholesale business. Includes Order entry, Credit Card Processing, UPS shipping, Advertising Tracking, Mail lists and more. 

fashion directory  Pebblestone was founded in 1994 by apparel an footwear veterans who recognized that customers looking for style/color/size solutions wanted complete, out of the box, integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that would be easy to use, grow with the company and offer flexibility to adapt to industry changes. Many software vendors today are still building software from scratch but due to their limited product breath, have to interface with 3rd party software to offer additional options creating unnecessary burdens customers management and IT department.  Pebblestone Fashion is the premier Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning add-on solution for the apparel, footwear and outdoor industries. Fashion "Software that fits" is their unique and specialized solution for design, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail. Fashion is based on Microsoft Business Solutions Navision. With more than 37,000 companies worldwide controlling their business processes with software solutions based on Navision, Pebblestone and Navision offer a full breadth of products from CRM to Business Intelligence to Warehousing to E-Commerce allowing companies to meet their current needs and be poised for growth.

Microsoft Navision/pebblestone offers:

  • Out of the box style/color/size software solution
  •  Full functionality: customer service, sales, warehousing, E-commerce, CRM, EDI, purchasing, Product Data Management, Screen Printing & Embroidery.
  •  Easy to install, implement and use
  •  Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Scalable to well over 100 users
  • Source Code available

  Pieceworks  A Division of Informasys Corp. Address: Miami, Florida

  Porini USA: Porini USA has developed the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solution for fashion and footwear. This industry leading solution combines the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics AX with proven coverage of apparel sourcing and distribution functional requirements. Address: New York, NY

fashion directory  Prima Design Systems, Ltd (Hong Kong): Color CAD systems for the apparel and fashion industry. Integrated solutions for style selection, weaving and knitting designs, and color development. Detailed product descriptions.

Prelude Systems : Prelude's Advanced Distribution System fully integrates a distributor's operations. The system allows immediate transfer of information between departments (proving especially useful for distributors with decentralized operations) and permits flexible on-line inquiry into its database. The Advanced Distribution System is a feature rich distribution package with optional integrated modules such as Rental, Marketing/contact Management, Light Manufacturing and Data Warehousing. The system also acts as a monitor of operations and is designed to recognize and prevent common errors, which occur in the distribution industry.

Profit 21 : Prophet 21 provides innovative, adaptive technology solutions and services that help distributors increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce operating expenses. Since its founding in 1967, Prophet 21 has helped companies of all sizes leverage technologies and maintain a competitive advantage, and today assists more than 2,600 customers conduct billions of dollars in highly complex supply chain transactions annually.

Raymark: offers a comprehensive set of applications that allows retailers to channel information throughout their enterprise. This advanced solution set has been designed to provide specialty retailers with the powerful tools they need to successfully manage a global network. Rich in functionality, Raymark's applications provide the necessary data to help retailers make key decisions resulting in increased sales and operational efficiencies

Real Logistics : Transport Solutions - Products designed specifically for the intermodal and container leasing industries to manage the daily operations of transport units world-wide. Customers are engaged in freight forwarding, container leasing, trailer leasing and unit repairs.

fashion directory  Scott M. Ritter Software (USA): Design software for the screen printing and embroidery industry. Free downloads of in-stock and clip-art designs.

fashion directory  Shen Zhen Triumph Co. Ltd. (China):  As the manufacturer of apparel plotter and digitizer from China, they would like to invite you to visit their website and check their plotter and digitizers..  Their plotter and digitizers are compatible with PAD, Optitex and other CAD softwares. As a professional supplier of Apparel CAD/cAM system and service, In 2003, Shen Zhen Triumph Industrial Co., LTD founded the ShenZhen docad service center, with a huge of investment this center has attracted the cream of the nation's talent in all apparel manufacturing disciplines.  They pioneered that a user-friendly and easy-to-learn software that enables user to directly make a pattern by size-table in the computer. Docadsystem pattern making process is ahead of other brand. The user can directly make a pattern in the computer according to customers' size-table. Hence, it requires only one digital pattern maker to finish the whole task. By doing so, it can save man-made pattern, fiber board, and adhesive paper. Using Docadsystem lowers buyers' labor, material and financial resources.  One feature of the easy to modify pattern process enables user to digital auto-grading in NUMBER and SHAPE. After making the pattern in any size in the computer, the user can immediately accurately doing the fast and limitless multi-sections auto-grading according to the size data.

 fashion directory  SIMANDY SRL (Romania): Simandy is a modern multimedia outsource in the marketing & consulting field managed by Italian professionals, operating in the clothing sector, articulating its intervention on diverse operative streams such as CAD technology, quality control and research for new clothing garments, accessories and other components.  Simandy is particularly specialized in CAD (Computer Assisted Design) services: pattern making, pattern grading, and marker making. The CAD center is equipped with Investronica Investmark software, five graphic design servers, managed by Romanian specialists and coordinated by an Italian professional. Simandy is highly specialized in woman pret-a-porte design, and is in contact with the best worldwide fashion- houses exclusively using modern communication technology, as the internet, for information and files exchange. Simandy is in fact an outsource adviser and consultant for on-line specialized clothing product presentation, using the best worldwide data bases, offering the clients constant commercial and technical information. Simandy deals, in particular, with imports and sales of high quality Italian garments. 

fashion directory  Simparel, a N.Y. technology company that has developed a new generation of ERP solutions with numerous advantages over traditional software systems. Simparel offers a unique combination: the simplest, quickest, most flexible and most affordable global supply chain business solution available today. Simparel is also rolling out Software as a Service (SaaS) to selected customers. Simparel's initial market is fashion-related businesses, including apparel, footwear, accessories, costume jewelry, as well as home furnishings and toys. Simparel gives its customers a competitive advantage because the technology allows them to focus on their product and sales, improve deliveries and better manage costs and inventories.

fashion directory  simplePDM: simplePDM is a Web PDM that centralizes the pattern makers work and allows them to collaborate with others while keeping fine grained access permissions and up-to-date backups. On top of that, unique technologies allow automatic file manipulations that can dramatically lower production time and the risk of mistakes. simplePDM has: Private working groups, File revisions, Free pattern collection, and Automatic grading of basic blocks. Address: Israel Phone: +972527587697 Fax E-mail: info@gizra.com  Contact: Brice Lenfant

SSA Global : By providing a holistic end-to-end demand and supply chain solution, they can help you plan and anticipate future customer demand and help you position product supply and services, so that your customers get what they want, when they want it, at the lowest total cost to you. By tying demand and supply activities together in real time, they can help you become responsive to different supply chain situations.

fashion directory  Startes Jaquard S.p.A. (Italy): Designs and design software for jacquard weaving machines. Harnesses and accessories for textile looms.

fashion directory  Tanya Geometrik P Ltd: they are manufacturers of a CAD software for Apparel Industry and are based in Chennai. India.   Their Company's flagship CAD S/w "TANYA CONTOUR" has been well received in Chennai, Tirupur and Bangalore in India for its practicality , user friendliness and state of the art features. They are the latest entrants and have started marketing their S/w only for the past 9 months.  This software helps the garment manufacturing companies to draft patterns, grade them and make Markers which will enable them to optimise their fabric usage and reduce wastage.  Address: Chennai India

  Tower-Computing (FT-Style Software): FT-STYLE Apparel Software is a fully integrated series of modules offering a wide variety of options to match particular needs.  Tower Computing Limited is dedicated to providing excellent, flexible support allied with simple to use apparel software and matrix software.

  Tru-Fit Data Systems: The Tru-Fit Apparel Management System was designed by industry experts and is easy to use.  Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Database provide built-in flexibility allow the system to be easily modified for individual use, often without the need to do any programming.  Key features include: available to sell reporting, sophisticated multi-store (distro) order entry, including consolidated picking tickets; intelligent order allocation logic; production orders to schedule imports, planning to ID profit by groups/styles; booking analysis (cut and sold reporting) and integrated EDI functionality to maximize productivity.  Address:  East Brunswick, NJ

  Unicon Systems, Inc.: Computer Software:  Information and Management Software for Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers, Wholesalers, Sales Agencies and Retailers POS.  Designed for small to medium size companies, the Garment Package is an information and control system for garment manufacturers, importers, and distributors. It is complete and easy-to-operate, written with the first-time user in mind. The programs lead the user through step-by-step. Management is provided with comprehensive reports within minutes after they are requested. These inquiries include Open-order by Client, by Style, Work-in-Progress, Inventory Status, Distribution Sheets, Cut & Sold, Available for Sale, Season Status, Picking Tickets, etc.  Address:  Rego Park New York

fashion directory  Viable Systems Inc.: leading manufacturer of CAD/cAM systems for the design of Jacquard woven fabrics.  They have taken the best ideas from leading Jacquard weavers around the world and combined them with over a quarter century of experience to create the most advanced design systems available.  Their powerful textile designing tools enable their customers to produce Jacquard fabrics of remarkable beauty by stimulating creativity, dramatically compressing production time, and ensuring the highest degree of technical accuracy.

fashion directory  Wilcom Pty., Ltd (Australia): Developers of software for design, production, management and e-commerce solutions in the embroidery industry. Also, software for carpet and rug design.

fashion directory  Wild Ginger Software, Inc (USA): Custom development of software for sewing pattern creation. Also, digitizing, plotting and body scanning equipment.

  YXENDIS (France): Textile Software for clothing, house-textile & Process Speeder Tools (dobby & jacquard weaving, knitting, textile printing, mapping, PDM / PLM, CAD/cAM remote access, mobile sales.) Address: Saint-Chamond France

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