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fashion directory  AMSystems, Inc (USA): Developers of cut planning software for the apparel manufacturing industry. Description of program capabilities and options.

fashion directory  Artex (United Kingdom): Text Style is a design software which enables fashion design, textile, fabrics and any industry that uses digital print to create new designs from digital artwork.  Artext is based in London, United Kingdom. Specialist in creative graphics, motion graphics, print and all things design.  Artext is the name give to a new powerful format which allows you to convert full colour photos and images in colour text. What makes Artext unique is that you are able to input any message you want. Once converted to the Artext format, the result is in text format which looks like the original photo, but becomes a readable version with your thoughts and words.

fashion directory  Aspire2 (United Kingdom): Developers of software for needle-works and embroidery design and production. Demo downloads.  List of trade shows. Links to stitch designers' sites.

fashion directory  Astor Technologies: Astor Technologies is a Cad manufacturer based in India offering solutions in the areas of Digitizing, Pattern creation, Grading and Marking systems.  They have also tied up with leading manufacturers for supply of Digitizers, plotters, spreaders and CNC cutters. Astor has a number of installations in India and one of the leading players in the field. 

fashion directory  DesignSew.com - Designer Pattern Studio iS.v5i / DS.v45i: Design the future of apparel design, creative designer suite for making & drafting patterns for personal or commercial textiles or handmade products & apparel, crafts or home studio sewing including PDM, PLM, CAD, SCM, EDI . Digitize Patterns, enter Designs and the software will resize/digitize or grade the pattern slopers to the target measurement. Software is a complete Pattern Design & Drafting Studio on the Internet and on your Desktop PC. Patterns are formatted into PDFs and sent to your Email for printing or sewing or send the pattern to your favorite sewist or textile producer as 'Virtual Patterns'  Address:  Nanaimo BC, V9T5A9

fashion directory  ESS, Ltd (United Kingdom): Developers of an integrated package of software programs for the embroidery industry. Design, display, preparation, machine selection and tracking, and cost evaluation tools. Also, asbestos management software.

fashion directory  Eurostaff-Systems:  CAD/cAM systems manufacturer. WearCadfe is a grading and marker making system working on PC or MAC.  Address: Grandate 22070 Italy 

fashion directory  Fashion CAD (Australia): Fashion CAD software for computerized pattern making for the apparel and garment manufacturing industries.  FashionCAD is an integrated suite of software which includes pattern design, pattern grading, pattern detailing, pattern layout and a fully featured CAD drafting system. FashionCAD is an innovative CAD approach to pattern making which provides the flexible tools to create and modify pattern designs and to shorten the time cycle for all pattern making processes, such as grading.

fashion directory  Fashion Matters (Australia) : Fashion Matters sells and supports the complete range of Colour Matters Fashion and Textile CAD and Design Room software to the Apparel, Textile and General clothing Industries, fashion colleges and students throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand and Malaysia. Colour Matters CAD software is specific to the Fashion Industry, and is substantially easier to learn than off-the-shelf CAD software like Illustrator, Corel or Photoshop. All CM software is fully supported (telephone, fax, email and personal attendance), and is upgraded regularly, generally with the help of suggestions from our more than 6000 users in 18 countries globally. Working hand-in-hand with the most advanced and pro-active Universities and Fashion Colleges around the world also allows us to maintain close links with developments in the world of education. As a result, Students and Teachers worldwide are given priority access to our software through generous discounts. Please feel free to enquire about our products: Fashion Toolbox, CM32 Professional and DesignSpecs Workbook. Contact Name: zlem Ruiz-Hasan or Mitchell Dobelsky E-mail: admin@fashionmatters.com.au  Head Office: Fashion Matters 1st Floor, 286a Kings Way South Melbourne Vic Australia 3205 Tel: +61 3 9696 9033 Fax: +61 3 9696 9133 Australia: Fashion Matters 1st Floor, 286a Kings Way South Melbourne Vic Australia 3205 Tel: +61 3 9696 9033 Fax: +61 3 9696 9133 New Zealand: Identity Solutions Lower Ground, 79 Grafton Road, Auckland New Zealand Tel: +64 9 358 3493

fashion directory Infomax Corporation: has established itself as a reliable applied technology provider, specializing in solving design and pre-production problems for Garment Center businesses.

fashion directory  Investronica Sistemas SA / Invescol: Advanced CAD, CAM and CIM solutions and systems for the apparel, upholstery, car, aeronautics and related industries.  INVESTRONICA SISTEMAS is a Spanish company created in 1980, specializing in the development of CAD design tools (Computer Assisted Design), CAM systems (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) and CIM projects (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) for the apparel and upholstery industries, as well as for others such as automobile, aeronautics, etc.  The Company currently has Delegations and Distributors in over 50 countries, while INVESTRONICA CAD, CAM and CIM systems are present at over 6.000 client sites around the world and in all five continents.  Address: ESPA A Madrid C

fashion directory  Maxatec Europe: Maxatec Europe is a supplier of epos and pos systems.  Maxatec is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier of hardware and services for the POS, Auto ID and Mobile market sectors. The Company has over 35 years experience in distribution with an extensive network of resellers in the UK and Mainland Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa. A customer's experience at the point-of-sale (POS) is paramount. Customers and retailers alike need speed, reliability and increasingly, added value at the point-of-sale.  Technology now allows retailers to communicate with their customers using the POS receipt. Retailers can add logos to enhance their brand image, highlight price reductions and special offers and produce vouchers and coupons to encourage customer loyalty and additional sales.  Maxatec provides the latest printing technologies with a host of different options that are key to the needs of the modern retailer.

fashion directory  Marker Express - Computerized Pattern Management : offering computerized pattern making, grading, market making, plotting and data management services to the apparel industry.

fashion directory  Mechanix (USA): Developers of windows compatible design software for the apparel and fashion industry. Detailed program descriptions, galleries, and free demo.

fashion directory  Moritz Embroidery Works, Inc (USA): Developers of software and systems for the computerized embroidery industry. Also, custom embroidered and screen printed promotional sportswear, and emblems, patches and logos.

fashion directory  Prima Design Systems, Ltd (Hong Kong): Color CAD systems for the apparel and fashion industry. Integrated solutions for style selection, weaving and knitting designs, and color development. Detailed product descriptions.

fashion directory  Scott M. Ritter Software (USA): Design software for the screen printing and embroidery industry. Free downloads of in-stock and clip-art designs.

fashion directory  Shen Zhen Triumph Co. Ltd. (China):  As the manufacturer of apparel plotter and digitizer from China, they would like to invite you to visit their website and check their plotter and digitizers..  Their plotter and digitizers are compatible with PAD, Optitex and other CAD softwares. As a professional supplier of Apparel CAD/cAM system and service, In 2003, Shen Zhen Triumph Industrial Co., LTD founded the ShenZhen docad service center, with a huge of investment this center has attracted the cream of the nation's talent in all apparel manufacturing disciplines.  They pioneered that a user-friendly and easy-to-learn software that enables user to directly make a pattern by size-table in the computer. Docadsystem pattern making process is ahead of other brand. The user can directly make a pattern in the computer according to customers' size-table. Hence, it requires only one digital pattern maker to finish the whole task. By doing so, it can save man-made pattern, fiber board, and adhesive paper. Using Docadsystem lowers buyers' labor, material and financial resources.  One feature of the easy to modify pattern process enables user to digital auto-grading in NUMBER and SHAPE. After making the pattern in any size in the computer, the user can immediately accurately doing the fast and limitless multi-sections auto-grading according to the size data.

fashion directory  SIMANDY SRL (Romania): Simandy is a modern multimedia outsource in the marketing & consulting field managed by Italian professionals, operating in the clothing sector, articulating its intervention on diverse operative streams such as CAD technology, quality control and research for new clothing garments, accessories and other components.  Simandy is particularly specialized in CAD (Computer Assisted Design) services: pattern making, pattern grading, and marker making. The CAD center is equipped with Investronica Investmark software, five graphic design servers, managed by Romanian specialists and coordinated by an Italian professional. Simandy is highly specialized in woman pret-a-porte design, and is in contact with the best worldwide fashion- houses exclusively using modern communication technology, as the internet, for information and files
exchange. Simandy is in fact an outsource adviser and consultant for on-line specialized clothing product presentation, using the best worldwide data bases, offering the clients constant commercial and technical information. Simandy deals, in particular, with imports and sales of high quality Italian garments. 

fashion directory  Tanya Geometrik P Ltd: they are manufacturers of a CAD software for Apparel Industry and are based in Chennai. India.   Their Company's flagship CAD S/w "TANYA CONTOUR" has been well received in Chennai, Tirupur and Bangalore in India for its practicality , user friendliness and state of the art features. They are the latest entrants and have started marketing their S/w only for the past 9 months.  This software helps the garment manufacturing companies to draft patterns, grade them and make Markers which will enable them to optimise their fabric usage and reduce wastage.  Address: Chennai India

fashion directory  Viable Systems Inc.: leading manufacturer of CAD/cAM systems for the design of Jacquard woven fabrics.  They have taken the best ideas from leading Jacquard weavers around the world and combined them with over a quarter century of experience to create the most advanced design systems available.  Their powerful textile designing tools enable their customers to produce Jacquard fabrics of remarkable beauty by stimulating creativity, dramatically compressing production time, and ensuring the highest degree of technical accuracy.

fashion directory  Wilcom Pty., Ltd (Australia): Developers of software for design, production, management and e-commerce solutions in the embroidery industry. Also, software for carpet and rug design.

fashion directory  Wild Ginger Software, Inc (USA): Custom development of software for sewing pattern creation. Also, digitizing, plotting and body scanning equipment.

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