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fashion directory  ALSA MAKNE SANAY (Turkey): They are one of leading Turkish textile machine manufacturer since 1950's.  Their company is working in the area of long staple opening, blending, carding systems, reclaiming of wastes.  For 50 years they made over 800 pieces of various machines for the customers in Turkey, Middele East, Asia..  UAK, Turkey  Phone: 0 276 2533111 Email:   Contact: ALPER SARIKILI, MANAGER

fashion directory  Befama S.A: (Poland) Textile machinery manufacturer since 1851.  To date, the company has produced over 7800 woollen carding sets, 850 worsted carding sets,1000 non-woven carding sets, 3500 selfactors, 1800 ring spinning frames and many other machines such as opening, blending, cutting and tearing machines

fashion directory  Changshu Tianli Nonwoven Equipment Co. Ltd. (China): Changshu Tianli nonwoven equipment CO., Ltd professionally produces nonwoven mechanism equipment of whole set. 

fashion directory  Lakshmi Card Clothing: (India) Carding machinery & services.

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