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Irons, Finishing Equipment, Dry-cleaning Presses, Self-Contained Dry-cleaning Presses, Firemen's Gear Drying Cabinet, Laundry Presses, Washer/extractors, Dryers.

Pressing Equipment, Production Enhancing Equipment, Tunnel Finishers, U-Shaped Tunnel Finishers.

Continental Girbau
Soft-Mount Washer-Extractors, Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors, Flatwork Ironers, Dryers.

C.R Daniels (Dandux)
Laundry Carts, Laundry Trucks

F.H. Bonn
Pads, Cover, Grid Plates

Fisher & Paykel
Top-load Washers, Dryers.

Dry-cleaning Machines, Dry-cleaning Presses, Laundry Presses, Finishing Equipment, Conveyor Systems, Shirt Finishing Equipment.

Water Heaters, Natural Gas Fired High Steam Boilers, Electric High Steam Boilers, Return Systems, Blow-off Separators, Water Softeners.

Hamilton Engineering
Water Heaters, Water Softeners.

Hoyt Corporation
Dry-cleaning Machines, Petro-Miser Reclaimers.

International Ozone Technologies Group
Ozone Generators

Kleen Rite
Water Chillers, Evaporator Coolers, Waste Water Treatment, Vapor Recovery, Filter Systems & Catridges.

Water Heaters and Boilers

National Combustion (Natco)    
Water Heaters, Super-E

Railex Corporation
Conveyors, Garment Handling Systems, Rotating Rail Conveyors.

Sail Star
Dry-cleaning Machines

Saylor Beall
Air Compressors, Air Dryers

Techstar Plastics
Recycling Containers, Econocarts,  Scale-carts.

Dry-cleaning Machines

Unipress Corporation
Dry-cleaning Presses, Finishing Equipment, Laundry Presses, Shirt Finishing Equipment.

White Conveyors
Conveyor Systems, Garment Storage.

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