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fashion directory  Dairo Machine Company: Dairo Machine Co., have been manufacturing & exporting a wide range of high-quality textile machinery & dedicating themselves to meet various needs of their esteemed customers from the globe. The hot-fix Rhinestone Setting machinery is newly designed to have smooth but strong fixing power and to have drastic improvements on its fundamental function to prevent the rhinestones from cracking & crushing with its unique slope type ultrasonic oscillator.

fashion directory  Jisoo International: they supply Crystal and Rhinestone related products such as;  Goods (Iron-On Motives by Crystal, Glass stones and Rhinestuds) - Equipment (Hot-fix machine, Pearl Setting machine, Nail-head setting machine, Embossing machine, Heat Transfer Press) - Materials (Pearls, Nail-Heads, Hot-fix stones, Crystal stones) - Die for Embossing press.  Their target market is Ladies /girls / Kids clothing, Bridal dress and veil manufacture, Embroidery, T-shirts printing company etc.  They have plant in Korea and skilled for custom designs too.  Sample from their stock or custom design is available any time.  Address: 12026 205A Street  Maple Ridge, B.C.  V2X 0N6 Canada  Phone:   (604) 460 - 6557  Fax:   (604) 460 - 6558 Email:  Contact:   Andrew Han / President

fashion directory  KingQue Equipment Co. Ltd. (China): KingQue Equipment Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of apparel decorating Equipment. their main products are, ultrasonic hotfix rhinestone setting machine, ultrasonic hotfix crystals setting machine, ultrasonic hot fixing machine, vacuum rhinestone hot fixing machine, rhinestone setter, crystals setter, rhinestone applicator machine, handheld rhinestone machine, automatic rhinestone machine, Rhinestone press machine, Hotfix Iron Studs Applying Machine, hot fix free welder, Hot Spangle Machin, pearl setting machine, strass setting machine, chaton Machine ,rivet setting machine, stud machine for clothing, shoes, belt ect. with more than 15 years history, they specialize in developing and manufacturing Equipments for setting rhinestone, Rhinestuds, crystal, hotfix rhinestones, hotfix rhinestuds, eyelets, manmade pearls, clawed studs, sequins, button ect. they are one of the pioneers in this filed. you can find various automatic and semi-automatic equipment here for such relevant industries as garments decorating, shoes decorating, hats decorating, embroidery making, leather products and suitcases and bags decorating artware processing. Address: No.22, Jinsui road, Boluo, Huizhou, Guangdong, China Phone:0086-752-2120191 Fax: 0086-752-2559449 E-mail:   Contact: Celily Lee

fashion directory (Canada): The Libero nailhead machine has three main components. The first is a state of the art PC that comes with and runs the machine. The super powerful yet easy to use custom design software allows you to do in seconds what take minutes on other software programs. Crystal CAD actual creates the actual file the Libero needs to make the design.  You can take any image or logo and convert it into a hot-fix heat transfer in a matter of minutes by clicking your mouse on certain tools and functions. This software is user friendly and can be learned in one day. With a little practice you will be able to make most any designs in just a few minutes.

fashion directory  SWF (Distributed by Mesa): CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Design Transfer Machine - Rhinestone designs have never been easier! Using your design, CAMS sets your rhinestones to transfer paper. Then you just heat-transfer the design to the garment. User-friendly design software allows you to make your own designs using up to 6 colors/sizes of rhinestones or metal studs.  Auto Hotfix Setting Machine - Easily and instantly attach hotfix rhinestones to any type of fabric, including denim, belts, bags, tshirts and more! The VHS-540 model (shown above) features ultrasonic and heat hotfix abilities, and uses up to 2 different colors/sizes of rhinestones.

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