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fashion directory  Diversified Textile Machinery: DTM is a manufacturer of nonwoven textile machinery and parts. They provide equipment for blending, garnetting, opening, shredding, lapping, filtering, slitting, cutting, winding and pillow blowing.   Email:   Kings Mountain, North Carolina   Phone: 704-739-2121  Fax: 704-739-2161 

fashion directory  Engis In the area of flat lapping/polishing, Engis is the technology leader. The company's line of Hyprez diamond powders, slurries and compounds, as well as its wide array of diamond flat lapping/polishing machines and accessories, are widely used throughout industry, in particular the data storage, metal working, ceramic, mechanical seal, semiconductor and electro-optical industries.

fashion directory  Rieter: Rieter is a Swiss corporate group operating on a global scale. Its systems and services for the textile, automotive and plastics industries are acknowledged as leaders in their field. The group is organized in the two divisions of Rieter Textile Systems and Rieter Automotive Systems. Rieter Textile Systems develops and produces machinery and integrated systems for converting fibers and plastics into yarns and for manufacturing man-made fibers 


fashion directory  Zhengzhou Hongda New Type Spinning Machinery Co.:  Zhengzhou Hongda New Type Spinning Machinery Co., Ltd as a subsidiary of Jingwei stock was founded by the mutual investment of Jingwei Textile Machinery Stock Co., Ltd and Stated-owned Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Factory. Jingwei company as a launched corporation with H and A stocks in market has reorganized its assets and launched much more new stocks. Its total stocks reach 603.8 million and total assets over 2 billion. Its debt rate is only about 30% which strengthens the capability of resisting risks and further developing of the enterprise.  In Nov. 1999, the company carried out a large- scale assets recomposition of its four subsidiaries (Zhenzhou Hongda New Type Spinning Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. separately located at Qingdao, Shenyang and Tianjin and Jingwei Textile Machinery Stocks Co., Ltd. Yuci Branch) by assets reorganization with China Textile Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd and became a multi-operational group with cross-territory business and large capacity of complete sets of cotton-spinning machinery as the only enterprise in China.

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