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fashion directory  Agansa Primatama and Setia Kiji Reed (Indonesia): supplies textile machinery, spare parts and accessories; also, reeds for looms.  Setia Kiji Reed which is located in Bandung - Indonesia is a Corporate Company of PT. Agansa Primatama and Kiji Reed Co. Japan and was officially opened on November 1991.

fashion directory  Gowdey Reed Company: Established in 1834, Gowdey Reed is one of the oldest reed manufacturer in the world. Jim Wilson took over the family business from his father who inherited it from Jim's grandfather. He has close to thirty years experience in the textile machine part manufacturing industry. Gowdey has developed a reputation for manufacturing with a personal touch. Every order placed with Gowdey Reed is personally looked over by Jim. He prides himself in offering the highest quality custom manufacturing.

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