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fashion directory  Caipo: CAIPO Automazione Industriale S.r.l. is born to give a more adequate answer to the new requirements of production process automation. CAIPO Automazione Industriale S.r.l. is located in the district of Biella and its main target is the realization of automatic control devices for the textile industry, using the experience acquired by CAIPO Engineering System, from which it comes and that, founded in 1963 by Mr. Giuseppe Bolli, is well known all over the world for its products.

fashion directory  Corghi: Corghi has two divisions: wheel service machines and equipment and textile machines and equipment. Corghi is a world leader in the wheel service field with technology consistently at innovation's cutting edge. Equipment for the textile industry is part of Corghi's heritage that has kept pace with the growth of the textile industry in nearby Carpi and the development of the industry world-wide.  Corghi's product range for the textile machinery and equipment sector includes a line of avant-garde technology yarn treatment machines. The complete range includes: Hank-to-cone winders and yarn guide assembly winders yarn guide and grooved drum cone-to-cone winders. 

fashion directory  Fadis SPA (Italy):  established in 1960 is known in the world for the excellent quality an the reliability of its machinery. It is located 40 km North from Milan and 10 km at the Malpensa airport.  FADIS produces machines for the working of reels for any type of yarn, synthetic, natural continuous or cut for air-cross winding. The machines can be fitted with discharge and automatic restart. A new line of "SINCRO" machines is being manufactured with high speed electronic control yarn guide that enables the user to program any type of reel with precision cross-sinding, casual or angular and with variable coils.

fashion directory  Rite spa: Company Rite S.p.A. has been established in 1964 as a partner of a concern situated in Pordenone, in the northern east of Italy. The activity of the first years of production was based on the manufacturing of machinery parts and spares. In the 70's, the manufacturing of complete textile machines started with gas singeing machines and hank-to-cone winders and followed by the production of cone-to-cone and assembly winders. Nowadays Rite S.p.A. works on the yarns finishing sector spreading its activity all over the world offering a line of technologically advanced machines, projected on the experience acquired in the production of quality yarns.

fashion directory  Sima Group : S.I.M.A. in its beginning, manufactured ancillary machines for spinning and twisting such as winders and other finishing machines like twine ballers and small twisters. Later S.I.M.A. specialized in the manufacture of Machinery for ropes and twisted yarns for roperies and soon became leader in this field, strengthening its presence in over 80 countries.  S.I.M.A. is able today to offer to customers a complete know how, from pellet processing to packing of finished product, availing itself also of the most modern systems of computer aided design (CAD).

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