Rolling Machinery for the Textile Manufacturing Industry
Knitting Machinery  Waistbands / Elastics  Lace  Winding Machinery
Machine for measuring and rolling rigid tapes

Machine for rolling tapes, braids or laces on cardboard.

Spooling and measuring machine for elastic and rigid tapes, laces or cords

Automatic packing machine for the vertical laying of tapes into boxes.

fashion directory  Rius Group  (Spain)was one of the pioneering manufacturers of textile machinery in Spain. At present, it is the third generation who is leading the company.  Valentin Rius Clapers, S.A Company was founded in 1940, currently being the parent company of RIUS GROUP.

If you were really looking for "rollers" like cast iron rolls etc., you should try the Rollers Machinery.  Rollers are different machinery then the "rolling machinery" found in this section.

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Tape Applying Machinery
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