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fashion directory  Alucolor (Germany): Tricot Knitting Beams and Warper's Beam with forged flanges

fashion directory  Karl Mayer: The name Karl Mayer is world-wide synonymous with top-quality machines in the fields of warp knitting and warp preparation. The company's success story began in 1937, when Karl Mayer set up a mechanical workshop which in the course of the years developed to the number one on the sector of warp knitting technolgoy.  Their products include the following: High-speed tricot machines,  Raschel machines,  Double-needle bar Raschel machines,  Multibar/jacquard- Raschel machines,  Torchon lace machines,  Stitch-bonding machines,  Multiaxial knitting machines,  Weft instertion machines,  Warp preparation units for warp knitting,  Warp preparation units for weaving.

fashion directory  LIBA: Tricot machines, raschel looms, weft insertion, warping units, composites, geotextiles, netting and more than 60 types of warp knitting machines.

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