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Lady Ease Limted dba Ease Collection is a complete  apparel manufacturing contractor operating fully in Honolulu, Hawaii we are a technology driven company that strives to constantly improve our manufacturing processes while closely adhering to our tradition of quality and excellent customer service.

As full-service apparel manufacturing contractors, we capably and skillfully handle all of your apparel manufacturing needs. While we are adept at total garment manufacturing, we can also accommodate any phase of the clothing and apparel manufacturing process you might require. Whether it's apparel pattern making and digitizing, sample making, cutting , sewing, or pressing, our goal is to give you outstanding quality and customer service

Ease Collection is a full-service apparel contractor that produces a variety of sewn articles in bamboo and cotton fabrics. Although we specialize in our own line of fashion particulate face mask we have diversified our cutting and sewing production capabilities to include a wider selection of sewn products. Uniforms, golf shirts, activewear,  loungewear, sunvisors, bedding, pet protection, and a full line of  accessories are just a sampling of products we've contracted to produce for our clients.

Complete Clothing and Apparel Manufacturing Services   
Ease Collection is a fully engineered apparel contractor utilizing garment analysis and Standard Allowed Minutes (SAM's) for complete contract apparel manufacturing coverage from cutting and sewing through finishing. Our highly skilled staff can complete all your clothing and apparel manufacturing requirements in-house, and our production capacity is flexible to accommodate growth and shrinkage as production requires.

As top quality apparel contractors, our process begins with product development then continues on through apparel pattern making and grading, marker making and plotting. Next, garments are constructed in the cutting and sewing departments and are then carefully examined for any defects. Finally, the constructed garment is sent to the finishing department to be pressed, examined again, hung, tagged, and shipped according to our clients specifications.

The Lady Ease clothing and apparel contract manufacturing facility employees the best  technology and computer systems to coordinate garment production and quality control. This allows our supervisory and quality staff better management of style, cut, color and production. As a result, all your garments are accounted for as well as inventories of all cut styles. Our highly skilled staff assures you will receive quality garments every time.

Using the marking  system, our experienced marker making staff will lay your markers for optimal fabric utilization. As a result there is very little waste and all markers deliver the highest yields possible. We can produce single or multiple size markers, and we have experience in handling knit fabric.

The garment cutting department uses automatic spreading equipment and a computerized cutting system. As a key area of clothing and apparel contract manufacturer, the garment cutting department closely adheres to all pattern specifications ensuring that subsequent phases of garment construction consistently turn out a finished product exactly as our customers require. We can satisfy any size order and have experience in military patterns and a variety of experience using bamboo, jute and cotton as well as blended fabrics.

Working closely with our apparel pattern makers, our garment cutting department strives to produce the highest yield per yard of fabric so you incur as little textile waste as possible.

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