Seregon O'Dassey       
Dress: 4   Bust: 36D   Waist: 24   Hips: 36   Shoe: 8
GhostWatcher 2 Supporting (Melanie)     David A. Cross
Rhubarb Pie:Pre-Prd Lead (Billie)       Sharlene DuLac
Searching Bobby D Kim (Hotel Clerk)    Paul Borghese
The Sobbing Stone Scientist #4 (Sptg) Marcello B Rollando
Hit or Miss Lead (Self) Paul Willistein
Work In Progress     Lead (Bronwyn)    Eclectic Pictures
War of the Worlds Refugee Steven Spielberg
Interpol Investgts Principle New Dominion Films
The Simple Life Travel Guide FOX
Forensic Files       Cult Member          Medstar/Court TV
Law& Order:SVU       Call Girl            USA Studios
Sex & The City Upscale Party Guest  HBO
Hack Featured BT Productions
The Service (ABC Pil Featured Touchstone Pictures
Worlds Astnishg News Mary  Zazou Productions
Damage Control

Phillies Commercial

Drinky Drinkerson's

Hot Warrior





Target Select

Roadmaster Speakers Lead Female Mark Chalme'
Subaru Lead Female Take One Productions
PA Dept of Trans Lead Female One Place Media
Yuengling Lager Principle Robin Gilmore
Man Came to Dinner Lorraine Sheldon     Chip Rohrbach
Ask Any Girl         Meg Wheeler    Eric Smith
Jaggered Christmas Girl Httng on Priest Jagger Kaye
Please  see  resume  on  for  additional  listings.
Commercials:  2  years,  Image  International
Scene  Study/Film:  1  year,  Chartruese  Talent  Agency,  Private  Sessions  w/  Paul  Sorvino
Voice:  1  year  (Scott  Miller)  ;  1  year  (Scott  Lewis)
Marine  Corp  training,  Mortuary  Studies  (Embalming,  Funeral  Planning,  Cosmetology  &  Restorative  Art),  Kickboxing,Cheerleading,/Coaching,  Dance  (Modern),    Swimming,  Fast  Roping,  Repelling,  Firearms/Shooting,  Sword  Fighting/Fencing,  Weight  Training,  British,    French,  Russian  and  Southern    Accents/Moderate  Spanish
Web Site:
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color:  Red
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.

General Bio Information: I have been acting and modeling for about 10 years. I have been through Marine Corps basic training, so I'm no baby!  I am originally from Allentown, Pa. I finished college majoring in Funeral Studies. All through this, I took acting classes and did some modeling on the side.I am a full time actress and model. I hope to bring the same emotion to the viewers of my films/shows as I get from going to the movies myself.