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Aspinal of London is founded on the fundamental premise of offering our customers the most beautiful, elegant and refined designs of superior quality - to enjoy for a lifetime.  Each piece is created by their amazing talented team of designers.

Aspinal of London was founded in 2001.  Aspinal launched its first handbag 'The Paris Bag' in 2008. It also designs bags for men as well as a wide range of men's and ladies' wallets, accessories, travel bags and travel accessories, office and business accessories such as briefcases. In addition, Aspinal produces stationery items including diaries, journals, photo albums, and other items such as passport holders and other travel accessories.

 West Sussex Headquarters, deep in the heart of The National Park of West Sussex Downs. Each piece is handmade by genuine leather craftsmen and women, to bring to you at an affordable price and great value.

Their entire team is genuinely proud of the work they produce and their daily satisfaction is receiving feedback from you their customers and exceeding your expectations in every way.  They strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and care right from our workshops through to their customer care team and direct to you.

They always perform to the best of their ability and are often known to even perform miracles to deliver their customer's needs.

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